Horse Girl

  • 2 min read

By Carrie Seim

Book Source: e-ARC provided for review

Book Status: Available on March 30,2021

Horse girls has a common storyline. The main character is going to a new school or joins a new hobby. The rich and popular girl lets her in though she doesn’t want the main character. Then main character messes up and the mean girl snaps and it’s all really bad! And of course, there’s the secret helper.

But this book made it more original! It combined that storyline with a lot of other cool things like horses, as the title suggests. A lot kids are fascinated by horses and wish they could ride them. A horse club being part of this story helps make it intriguing. It may a story we have read a lot but it brings a new perspective.

I liked the story. I was originally declined an e-ARC, but was thrilled when the publicist reached out to ask me to review. I have found it really hard lately to get into some books. This was not one of them. Once I started it, I didn’t want to put it down.

I would recommend this to kids looking to escape everything going on. You feel like an observer right there. Kids who like horses or going through all the middle school crud will like this book.

Can’t wait for more kids to read it.

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