Oh My Gods

  • 2 min read

By Stephanie Cooke and Insha Fitzpatrick

Art by Juliana Moon

Book Source: purchased; was offered e-ARC but had file issue

Book Status: Available

I really like graphic novels. This year when I have had difficulty reading a novel, graphic novels have been my go to. I was offered an e-ARC of this book before it came out, but the file wouldn’t open so I couldn’t read it then. I was bummed so excited when my parents got me a physical copy.

The story is about a girl named Karen who goes to spend some time with her dad. Somehow she and her mom are clueless her dad is Zeus. If you have a basic knowledge of Greek Mythology, this is pretty obvious. Because she is clueless, she doesn’t realize everyone around her is part of Greek Mythology. She thinks they are people really into acting and costumes. Eventually, she gets clued in.

It was interesting to see Gods/Goddesses dealing with tween/teen issues. This is normal new kid, mean girls, finding your way, divorced/separated parents and all that stuff. The inclusion of mythology just adds a really cool level. The end also sets up for another story which would be really fun. I would love to revisit this world.

I recommend this to kids who like mythology, kids who like graphic novels, kids who going through tween/teen life and well anyone who needs a fun book to read. Definitely a good addition to your bookshelf.

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