Cats of the Afterlife series

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By Wendy Ledger

Book Status: Available

I had previously reviewed some of these books but those reviews went MIA. So in this review, I am sharing about the series.

This series is pretty good. It’s about a cat, who just died, and what they do in the afterlife. In each of the books, they meet up with a different cat also in the afterlife.

The first book is the main cat learning to live in the afterlife, with some adventures along the way. In the second book, the main cat’s family has replaced her and she is not so thrilled. The third book is when helps an author write a book. There is a fourth coming soon.

I recommend it to kids who just lost a pet, or people who wonder, what do your pets do when they die. This is also a fun way to think about what cats might think. 

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