Cardboard Kingdom: Roar of the Beast

Illustrated by Chad Sell
Written by multiple authors
Book Source: Purchased
Book Status: available

Hey! I’m still alive, just finishing sixth grade. Anyway, let’s talk about Cardboard Kingdom’s second book, Roar of the Beast.

I’m really excited for this story! It’s really awesome that Cardboard Kingdom got a second book. The Cardboard Kingdom is a diverse world where kids can find themselves. The more stories the more kids could find confidence in being themselves.

I personally love Banshee. Girl characters with anger aren’t common but guess what girls have anger and we don’t express ourselves “right”. The more we can show that girls show these issues, the less people believe it is rare and the more they can help us learn to express ourselves more appropriately.

One thing I love is the multiple authors and solo illustrator. You know different voices are behind the stories but they all tie together. I like how it weaves together.

All kids should read this series. I think this will get reluctant readers excited about books and stories.

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