A Man And His Cat

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Hello 🙂

Today is the first manga Monday. I’ll be introducing a rating system for books as well. Today will feature the series “A Man And His Cat” by Umi Sakurai. This series is about Fukumaru, a cat in a pet store and the man who adopts him.

The art is very expressive and the chibi art style for certain pages is really cute. Cats are also drawn very cartoony, a contrast to the semi realistic people and landscapes. The few colored pages are really nice to look at.

Very wholesome story and really cool characters. You even get to look at stories of Fukumaru as a little tiny kitten. Even the minor characters are really nice and the way the chapters are laid out works well for a slice of life.

Overall it’s a great series and I was lucky to find the first four volumes at Book-A-Million. (And smart to buy them too!)

I totally recommend to read this if you’re looking for a fun, casual read. Especially if you like cats.

Art: 10/10

Story: 8/10

Overall: 10/10

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