Unofficial Hatsune Mix

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This book is about the vocaloid singer/idol Hatsune Miku, along with the crypton gang Rin, and Len, as well Meiko and Kaito, though they are refered to as Onee-San and Onii-San. Luka also shows up as well early on.

While vocaloid isn’t an anime, as it is a singing software you buy voicebanks for, it does have a manga by the original illustrator, Kei. While unofficial, it does provide some ideas of what the vocaloids of Crypton (a company that used to use vocaloid software- they stopped in 2019 I think) which is better than nothing, as music videos that can be produced by anyone are pretty hard to consider “canon”. At least this is by the OG illustrator, haha.

This manga is pretty thick, as it contains a lot of mini stories about Miku and friends. It isn’t consistent- It goes through a lot of different scenarios from Miku dieing to a little mermaid-esque chapter. It also contains very detailed and pretty art in between certain chapters, which are even colored!

The plot is non-existent as it’s more of a slice of life with a bunch of scenarios, but it’s cool seeing funny things like Miku going through computers to find a high quality one to Miku and friends getting a job and failing miserably. Some chapters are sad, like the one about her dieing on stage and the one about her teaching some kids only to pass out after finding a certain song nowhere in her database.

The art is really cute and as I mentioned before has little sections occasionally of detailed color prints. The art style changes a bit throughout but it’s cool.

I was bummed out at the end because though I knew it was discontinued the note was really sad to read.


Art- 10/10

Story: 6/10

Overall: 8/10

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