About me

Ten things or more about me!

  1. This is my place to share about books, authors, illustrators, librarians and more.
  2. I am a fifth grader and love to read.
  3. I started it at the end of first grade in June 2016!
  4. All online activity is monitored by my parents (haha, they work for me )
  5. I have one little brother who is annoying and loves Tim Kubart
  6. My favorite picture book author is Salina Yoon.
  7. My favorite graphic novelist is Mike Maihack
  8. Still working on my favorite chapter book author. There are some contenders but no clear winner
  9. I have ADHD and not ashamed to say it causes me some problems in life. I would really like to see ADHD kids in books, especially girls who are hyper and emotional
  10. I spend part of my summers in Maine
  11. My favorite thing in the world is PENGUINS


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