About me

Ten things or more about me!

  1. This is my place to share about books, authors, illustrators, librarians and more.
  2. I am a fifth grader and love to read.
  3. I started it at the end of first grade in June 2016!
  4. All online activity is monitored by my parents (haha, they work for me )
  5. I have one little brother who is annoying and loves Tim Kubart
  6. My favorite picture book author is Salina Yoon.
  7. My favorite graphic novelist is Mike Maihack
  8. I have ADHD and not ashamed to say it causes me some problems in life. I would really like to see ADHD kids in books, especially girls who are hyper and emotional
  9. I spend part of my summers in Maine
  10. My favorite thing in the world is PENGUINS
  11. I started track cycling in November 2019.


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