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Audrey’s Magic Nine

Created by Courtney Huddleston

Book Source: provided by creator in exchange for review

Book Status: Available

For this review I’ll tell you about both books, so on with the review!

In both books, the girl, Audrey, is trying to find 9 magical puppets. It starts when a toy she had since she was found by the adoption agency, ( she is adopted) comes to life and tells her that she must find 8 other puppets like him. Another reveals why in the second book, but I can’t tell you if I don’t want to spoil anything.

This is series is unique in a way that I can’t tell if I don’t want to spoil it, so you have to read to find it. Oh, one way I can tell you how it is unique is because the lead character is an adopted, black, GIRL!!!!!!!!

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Sanity & Tallulah

By Molly Brooks

Book Source: OwlCrate Jr

Book Status: Available

This book is about 2 girls, named Sanity and Talullah who get into lots of trouble. They first get into trouble when Sanity bioengineered a kitten with THREE heads, which starts a bunch of problems, or does it? It was really cool that OwlCrate sent me a graphic novel and it was really, really, really, cool.

This book is unique because most sci-fi books have aliens and monsters, while this book has rats and three headed kittens.

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Ultra Squad

By Julia Devillers

Illustrated by Rafael Rosado

Book Source: owned

Book Status: available

Hey, I love Justice clothing stores, so when I saw this I was sure to pick it up.

This book is about 4 girls who, during their class, get called to the vice principal who turns into a monster! But, fortunately it is a good monster, who is the chief recruitment officer for the Ultra-classified Ultra-Inter-Galactic Agency of Ultra, apparently Ultra stands for Ultimate League of Extra Terrestrial Randoms And Humans Too. I’m wondering only one thing, if the Agency of Ultra is soo classified, why do their parents see such proudness and honor and other stuff, for their kids when they see that they’re picked?

This book is unique because usually if something is classified, the parents don’t know about it.

PS🤫 I love the way Rafael Rosado illustrated this graphic novel!!

PS🤫🤫 Not just cause he’s my buddy!

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The Train to Impossible Places

By PG Bell

Book Source: OwlCrate JR

Book Status: Available

This book is about a girl who finds a train in her living room! She sneaks onboard and, wow, she became deputy postmaster!! Her first delivery is the evil lady Crepuscula. The package is a snowglobe of a frog. The frog, miraculously, tells her not to deliver him because he knows stuff Lady Crepuscula could use to take over the union of impossible places.

This book is unique because usually trolls don’t actually engineer, and they don’t really know anything! In this book you will be surprised by what trolls can make, like a car made out of a couch, washing machine, and 2 bicycles.

I got to stop because I really liked it and it surprised me how much I liked it. I would tell you everything.

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To all the books I didn’t love

This post is dedicated to books I didn’t like.

Like Enginerds by Jarrett Lerner… I tried it twice but didn’t like it. But that doesn’t mean I’m not excited about #2 ( partially because the should start behaving because there’s a girl.) i have also recommended Enginerds to soo many people and they all have loved it. (PS Jarrett already knows about this and he still likes me 😘)

The point is even if I don’t love a book, I won’t ignore it. I will try to find the person who will love it.

I know it is okay to not like a book. All books are not for all kids. We each need to find our book. There may be books I LOVE that you don’t and vice versa. Guess what we can still be friends!

It is also important that we let kids know it is okay to not like or love a book. It should be more important to help them find THEIR book. This is why I think all books should be considered. It is why you see big publishing houses, little ones and self published on my blog. If I didn’t keep that variety I would miss out on so many good books!

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So, breadcrumbs are books who lead me to other books. Breadcrumbing is when like one author tells me about one book, then that author tells me about another and so on and so on. An example of breadcrumbing is like Salina Yoon told me about Marcie Colleen. Kara Lareau told me about Debbie Florence. Without breadcrumbing I wouldn’t have Jarrett Learner and without Jarrett, oh, life would miserable and 90% of the books I read would not be anywhere near to finding me.

Breadcrumbing has really led me to a bunch of books and authors and librarians and publishing house, and that’s why you see such s wide variety of books on my blog. I know what your thinking why does she call it Breadcrumbing?? Well I don’t know the answer to that because I don’t remember but I know that it’s like Hansel and Gretel following breadcrumbs.

So readers, follow the breadcrumbs!

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Fairly true Bridget tales

This post is about how I got into fairy tales.

So I never really liked fairytales because most had a helpless, screaming, crying, shouting for a big strong man, Princess! Can you believe it? Girls, we are better than that! My favorite princess is a good one, Merida, cause she doesn’t need anyone, anything (except her bow and arrows) to save her mom who turned into a bear because a cake Merida brung to her ( its not entirely her fault).

Okay back to the other stuff, so I started liking fairytales this year when OwlCrate delivered Grump by Liesl Shurtliff in my trusty Box ‘O Books. Grump is about Grumpy!!! He’s my favorite dwarf from the seven dwarves. It’s about how he explored the upworld and became friends with the evil queen and then starts to hate her and helping Snow White. That led me to Rump, and Red, then Liesl Shurtliff led me to Bridget Hodder who wrote Rat Prince.

This is kinda an example of not giving up, I mean, I read a genre I wasn’t sure I’d like but I still read it.