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Nuts to You

By Lynne Rae Perkins

Book Source: Library Family Read Along

Book Status: Owned

Book Reviewer: Lil Bro

In this book, a squirrel is picked up by a hawk and dropped far from his home. He has to find his way home. Two of his friends find him. There are humans cutting down the trees for a power line. The squirrels have to get to their family get them to move.

I liked the friendship in the story. Some of the squirrels have funny names like TsTs which were fun to say. I liked reading a chapter a night with my grownups. Some nights we read more so we finished early!

I like reading with my grownups. It is fun.

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Magic Misfits 2

By Neil Patrick Harris

Book Source: Own

Book Status: available

Best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😄😄😃😃😄😃😄😃😃😃😄😃😁😁😁😁😆😆😆😀😃😃😀😃😄😃😀😃😄😃😃👱🏻‍♀️

This book is about the magic misfits ( obviously ) and now my suspicions were confirmed…… each book is from a different characters point of view!!!! This time it’s Leila who’s our star. And in this book her birth mother is revealed. Hint hint. Their a part of the emerald ring. Oh and another emerald ring member gone mad… ~KALAGAN~ now nobody’s heard bout this guy in book, but he’s real, he’s wild, and most of all, he’s…. ~MAGNIFICENTLY EVIL~ oh and did I mention that another member is revealed… ~SANDRA SANTOS~ now you probably guessed right then who’s Leila’s mom didn’t you? Well now I’ll tell you she’s —- SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Oops 😬! Okay so the wtorys about Sandra coming to town and performing a show and some dirty tricks are happening. (Kalagan is a great mesmerist )

This book is unique because the second chapter of every story is about before the story happened and even before they actually go to Mineral Wells.

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Leah’s Voice / Love for Logan

9781612440897  9781612443621

by Lori DeMonia

Book Source: Provided to me in exchange for a review

Book Status: available

So first I will do Leah’s Voice and then I will do Love For Logan.

This book is about a girl named Abby who goes on a play date to her friend Logan’s house where she meets Logan’s sister, Leah who has autism. When she ( Abby ) plays a board game with them she gets mad because Leah does not stay at the board unless its her turn. Then Leah is in the newspa– SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT

this book is unique because it is about a GIRL with autism.

This book is about a girl named Logan who is worried that her whole family will not come to her dance recital but then her parents do

this book is unique because the sister has autism not her sand not no one.

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I’m from the Sun

Image result for gustafer yellowgold i am from the sun
By Gustafer Yellowgold
Source: provided in exchange for a review
Status: Available
Note – this is an audio book
This is the first time I’ve done an audiobook. It’s kinda long so I have not finished it yet but the guy reading it has a really calming voice so it is a great book for bedtime. I really liked the story and the part about the cool ( blue, green, purple,) colored paint that’s sensitive to light is sooo cool. I’m planning on finishing it soon. Oooo! I got an idea! Since I’m having a hard time getting to bed I should listen to it st bedtime.

On What Gustafer Yellowgold Is:
On The Audible Format:
On The Essence of Gustafer Yellowgold:
On Emotion In Music:
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Counting Thyme

By Melanie Conklin

Book Source: Owned

Book Status: Available

This book is an example of a book I waited to read. We picked it up not long after it was published. Mom read it first and suggested I wait to read it. She handed it to me recently and said now was a time to read it. So let’s do a review with Mom on why she wanted me to wait..

Mom, why did you want me to wait to read it? You would have been capable of reading it. I felt you were not going to be able to really understand the book at 7 but knew it would be something you could relate to at a later age. Now was a good time for you to read it.

Why is now a good time for me? Both you and your brother have adhd. Managing that has caused lots of ups and downs in life. It also requires periods where I am more focused on one of you than the other. Two years ago, the focus was on you. Right now, it is only your brother. Apparently second grade is a tough year for you both.

Okay okay, thats enough Mom, now let’s talk about the book:

This book is about a girl who moves from California to New York because her little brother has cancer and he starts a new drug trial. She goes to her new school and makes friends with 2 girls named Lizzie and Emma and developed a crush on a boy named Jake. Her school starts a production of:

~The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz~

She signs up for sound production with Jake. She also has a grumpy neighbor.

She also feels like her parents don’t care about her and really wants to go home to California.

Oh and mom told me to tell you why I think that they saved it till now: I think it is that I would not be able to understand the story board. Now I can understand because right know I feel a little ignored by my parents as they are helping my brother. They aren’t really ignoring me. He just needs their attention.

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Amy Cesari

– hi Bridget! I’m Amy, I might be a little different from some of the other authors that you interview because I’m an “indie author,” or independently published. I’m also a “kid at heart” and enjoy books and other entertainment on the younger side, (Disney films, Harry Potter and Lemony Snicket books, and playing “cute” Nintendo games like Mario and Animal Crossing!).
But that doesn’t mean I’m not serious about my job as an author. I also have my master’s degree in business! I’m a bit nerdy, and a bit cartoony and a lot of goofy all at the same time.
1. Did you read a lot when you were 9? When I was 9, I loved to read books by Joan Aiken. Especially the “Wolves Chronicles,” a middle-grade series written in the 1960’s. They were the perfect amount of spooky, spirited, adventurous—but still had a lot of heart and great characters. I recently asked my mom if I can have all of them back—they are in her basement and I want to re-read them (and thanks for keeping all of my books, mom!)
2. What was your favorite story? My favorite story ever of all time would have to be “Harry Potter.” It just makes me feel like life can be magical, and I can do anything.
3. How do you get story ideas? I decide that I want to tell a story, and then I look and listen for ideas coming from everywhere. Once I start to get ideas, I follow the ones that excite me and make me feel curious. I also like to “flip” ideas and things around to see if that gives me a new perspective.
For example, I got the idea for Lilac Skully at Disneyland because it’s one of my favorite places that makes me feel super inspired. I was waiting excitedly in line to get IN to the Haunted Mansion… and I flipped that around and thought, “I’m excited to go IN, but what if you already lived there, and you weren’t very happy about it at all? Who would that be? What would that be like?”
4. What author do you like right now? My favorite recent books are the first two in the “Apprentice Witch” middle grade series by James Nicol. I love that the protagonist is shy and not confident to start out—in fact, she feels like a failure and like she’s barely making a passing grade.
5. Do you have any new or lesser known authors to suggest? Lesser-known authors, I’m going to go again with Joan Aiken and another “vintage” author that I loved as a child, Zilpha Keatly Snyder (author of the Egypt Games) because I think it’s great to keep the old books alive as well as bringing new ones to life.
6. What advice do you have for kids who want to be a writer? My advice to kids who want to be authors—don’t give up! I gave up way too early, I didn’t believe in myself and thought I’d never make it as an author so I didn’t try. Long story short—I ended up working in a corporate sales and marketing career for 13 (mostly miserable) years before finding my own confidence and path to becoming an author.
The good thing about this was that I learned a lot of super-useful skills about marketing and business that have helped me immensely in being an author. The bad thing was I wasn’t happy because I had given up on my dreams and wasn’t listening to my heart.
My second piece of advice is… learn a little about marketing and business! Even if you’re a writer and creative first, you don’t want to be lost or left behind in business and marketing. Whether you are “indie” like me or “published” with a publisher, you have to do a lot of the promotion and marketing around your books yourself. And you’ll want to know a bit about business so you know what you’re getting into if you sign a publishing contract.
And—math. I struggled terribly with math for my entire childhood. It wasn’t until college that I kept trying and started to really understand the important stuff. You don’t need to know advanced math to be an author—but you should know the basic math of percentages, finance and money, and how to use a spreadsheet to analyze basic data and do calculations. This stuff won’t help you be an author—it’ll help you be a successful author with a sustainable career.
7. Do you hear from readers? Yes, I do hear from my readers, mostly on Instagram! I love it, and I think it’s really awesome to hear that someone enjoyed what I wrote, and that they took the time to read it. It doesn’t feel as great when someone doesn’t like your book—but that is the reality of being an author so it’s something that you’ve also got to accept and be ok with! You have to be proud of your books first and foremost.
However, most of the feedback I receive is positive 🙂 It’s also a lot of fun to see common interests and get new book recommendations from people who’ve read my books. They usually like a lot of other cool books that I might like, too!
8. If you could portal into any book, which would you? I’d definitely go to Hogwarts! I love Hermione and I’d go to the library straight away!
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The Great Penguin Rescue: Saving the African Penguin

By Sandra Markle

Book Source: Borrowed from library

Book Status: Available

This book is about how people worked and are working to save African penguins. Some of the things they talked about were how people used to eat penguin eggs and how oil can damage penguins skin.

this book is unique because most informational books about penguins are, well, about penguins and not tings that happened to them and what people are doing to help them.

So now I’m going to tell you how much i love my life goal to hang out with penguins. when i do it, these are the things they will love about me as their queen:

  • I speak pengaterishease  ( the penguin language )
  • I know about  97.98% everything about penguins
  • I know what they snacks the like
  • I know their favorite activities
  • and so much more

that is why I am determined to meet penguins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!