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Coder Dojo Make your own Game

This is a book that helps kids create a game using code. I am liking it but find it hard to do. Coding is not as easy as it looks.

The book walks you through the steps of how to make the game. They break it into small things you do. There a lot of steps in making a game.

Even though I haven’t made my game yet, it helped me the coding process better. It helps me be less frustrated with apps on my tablet.

I recommend this book to kids who are curious about coding or like to play video games. It would be a good gift for them!

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Bittersweet Holidays

Written by Nadya Klimenko

Illustrated by Rayanne Vieira

This book is about food allergies. I know about food allergies because I have a bunch of them (sesame seed, peanut/beans, dairy, egg, soy, gluten). It makes it hard to participate in some events at school and that is what this book is about.

Misha Bear is sad because his class has a lot of food parties for holidays. He can not join in because he is allergic to some of the food. He even eats at a separate table at lunch. His class decides to make their parties allergy safe. They bring in safe foods and non food items. Misha can join!

I liked that this was about food allergies. It explains how hard it is to be the food allergy kid during a party! It is very hard. My mom usually brings me alternate food. That isn’t quite as much fun.

I recommend to people who would like to learn about food allergies. Kids should read it to understand why they may not be able to bring peanut butter sandwiches to school.

I am lucky that I just get sick and grouchy if I eat my allergy foods. Some people can end up in the hospital or die if they have theirs.

One cool thing about this book is some of the proceeds will go to allergy research!

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Bunny’s Staycation

By Lori Richmond

I have anxiously awaiting this book since I was offered the chance to review it. I was home sick yesterday when it arrived and instantly read it. Funny part is Mom just got home from a business trip.

This is the story of how a little bunny handles his mom traveling for work. He wanted to go with his Mama but couldn’t and was sad. So he and his dad went on their own adventures while she was gone. They are funny adventures and have lots of details.

Doesn’t that Penguin look a lot like Salina Yoon’s? Lori says it is not intentional but I think it is fun.

My mom travels a lot for work so this was a fun way to think about it. We don’t go on adventures like this with Dad….. yet! I really like the illustrations (and hint take the jacket off).

I recommend this book to kids whose parents travel. It doesn’t matter if it is Mom or Dad who travels. This book would be great for little kids and big kids.

I give this book 1 million frequent flyer miles!

Now that I have you all excited for this book, go preorder it and wait just as impatiently for it to arrive in late January. (Bridget note: you will feel like a book reviewer. They send us book lists months in advance and then we wait)

Ps and yes, the glasses are new. I just got them this week. Only for distance so still getting used to them.

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1000 Facts about the White House

This is a National Geographic Kids book about the White House. It is full of facts about what the inside is like. There are a lot of interesting things in the White House. There is even a page about the rules of White House, like no flip flops! There is a lot of unique things about the White House.

I found this book to be very interesting. I didn’t expect to learn so much about the White House. There is a lot more to it than I thought. I just thought it was a House! I bet I could win a trivia game about the White House.

I recommend this to book to people who are curious about the White House and history. This would be a good book in a school library.

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Cooper & Packrat: Mystery on Pine Lake

By Tamra Wight

illustrated by Carl DiRocco

This book is about two boys names Cooper and Packrat. Cooper’s parents own the campground he lives at. Packrat comes to the camp and they become friends. Packrat is his real name – that is Peter. A man comes to the campground and doesn’t like the loons. Then the dam is blocked and the water rose. Cooper and Packrat have to solve the mystery of who and why! The higher water had flooded the loon nests.

I liked that this story is a mystery. I like that it had loons because I love birds. I heard loons at my family’s camp in Maine. Loons sound weird but it is nice. I also like that this is in Maine and it reminds me of camping in Maine. I spend part of my summers in Maine.

I would recommend this to people who like camping . Also people who would like to visit Maine.

There are other books in the series. I hope to get the others!

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The Underground Railroad

By Bonnie Bader

This is an American Girl Real Stories From My Time Book. It is about the Underground Railroad, which slaves used to get to freedom. It is not a train and it is not underground. It was places that were safe for the slaves to stop at. It was not very safe to travel on the Underground Railroad. If they were caught by a slave catcher, they would probably be hurt and returned to their slave owner.

This is a very good way for a kid to learn about history. If you know the American Girl dolls, this is one way the historical doll makes more sense. Addy becomes not just a doll, but a real person. There is even a short story of what Addy’s experiences might have been trying to escape slavery.

I recommend this book to someone interested in history. This would be a good book for a teacher to have for a curious kid.