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On thin ice

By Christina Soontornvat

Book Source: purchased

Book Status: available

I have started reading books by myself and the Diary of an Ice Princess series books are really good ones. I can read it by myself and I enjoy them.

I just finished ON THIN ICE. It has a boy and penguins! And penguin playground. It is a book about how people can be cooler than you think they are.

This book is for all kids. Boys will like this series because the adventures are fun. There are funny lines in the books line dropping snow on heads! Just because Lina is princess doesn’t mean boys won’t like her. She has magic and that is cool.

This is a good book for kids learning to read by themselves. Dragons also like the books

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Save the crash-test dummies

By Jennifer Swanson

Illustrated by TeMika Grooms

Book Source: purchased

Book status: available

Mom has one of those jobs where she does a lot of different projects for the company. One project she does is road safety education. She works for an automotive company (duh we live near Detroit). I am the mascot for one of her sponsored programs and am known as Road Safety Kid. When we heard about this book, we knew we had to order it.

This book is awesome. You learn about vehicle safety and the history of how they tested car safety. You learn what brakes do (Dad works for a brakes company). You learn about airbags and seatbelts and even future concepts. They even talk about mirrors and backup cameras.

Mom thinks this book is pretty cool. She is going to share it with her road safety friends. I think this is really interesting. I don’t know many kids into road safety like I am but kids who are curious how things work would like this book. Kids who like engineering will like it. I think adults should read this book to remember why they need to wear their seatbelts and use mirrors.

It is funny because on Tuesday I read a story about the history of windshield wipers.

I think this book is awesome and should join the kid education on pedestrian and bike safety.

I had a meeting with NHTSA about road safety for kids

In my mascot suit
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Sunny rolls the dice

By Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

Book Source: provided by Scholastic

Book status: Available October 1, 2019

This book is interesting because it’s about Dungeons & Dragons! I really like the game, but I don’t have any of the books but one, which is the dungeon guide. Also this is a graphic novel and set in the 1970s.

1. It’s about dungeons and dragons!

2. It’s about pretty much what kids now are going through!

3. It’s about how sometimes you have to move on from your friends.

4. It’s about how you should stick with what you want, not what is what everyone else is, and not to make others happy.

5. Just a really fun graphic novel!

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The Paris Project

By Donna Gephart

Book Source: Erica S Perl shared it with me

Book Status: Available October 8, 2019

I got a lotta books, so you’re gonna see more reviews than usual. I just got my Scholastics box, but this is not one of those books though.

At NerdCampMi Jr, I met Donna Gephart and Erica S Perl. Donna shared about this book and I was excited about it. Erica S Perl then mentioned it in her interview with me. I shared I was jealous she had read it already and she shared her copy with me.

But tell me though, why are girls soo into Paris, I don’t even know and I KNOW I’m going someday 😌!! Pariiiis………. Now…. On with the review!!

1. It’s about Paris.

2. It’s about a girl who’s best friend is a boy and gay. Her dad is in jail too. It is about a kid dealing with hard situations.

3. It’s about a girl who’s saving up to go to Paris and her sister is saving up to go to a college. It is about making choices.

4. It’s about compromises, helping and how small towns are the worst.. or are they?

5. Her best friend’s boy friend is her “enemy”. So it is story about relationships.

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Kitten Kingdom Series

By Mia Bell

Book Source: received review copies of books 1 & 2

Book Status: available

This is PAW-fect! It is the firsts chapter books I read all by myself. I read the first book in the car in one day (roadtrip!).

The books are about Tabby and her brothers, Flex and Leo. They are kittens protecting their homes. One is black and that is my favorite because I have a black kitten too!

And now back to the book, they have a secret. They are the Whiskered Wonders. They are fighting against rats who dress up as dogs. And make smelly cheese that makes you fall asleep.

Some people may think these are girl books. But there is no such thing. Boys will like this series because it is knights but with kittens. It is exciting and you can’t predict what happens next.

I am still reading book 3 but I can’t wait for more Kitten Kingdoms.

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Jonathan Auxier

Online presence (website/social media) 

Twitter: @Jonathan Auxier 

1. When you were my age (10), did you have a book inspire or impact you? JA: I had so many! Without question, the biggest influence was Alice Through the Looking Glass, which is the sequel to Alice in Wonderland. I can’t quite explain why, but I would read Looking Glass obsessively — a chapter or two every night before bed. I did this for over 10 years! Which means I’ve literally read the book 100s of times. I still have no idea why I did that.

 2. Have you read anything recently that inspired or impacted you? (Sweep was one of my favorite books last year and I love Peter Nimble & Sophie Quire)JA: I’m always inspired by good storytelling. This week, I read My Jasper June by Laurel Snyder. It was such a wonderful book!  

3. Can you share what your usual day as an author looks like?JA: Every morning, I do the New York Times crossword puzzle. Then I write for a few hours. Then I take a walk. It’s not a bad life.  

4. Is there a newer or less know author you think kids should know about?JA: I really like this question! I’m not sure she’s “less known,” but I often urge fans of my Peter Nimble books to check out Caroline Carlson’s series, The Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates. They’re pirate books with magic! And they share a similar sensibility to Peter Nimble … only much funnier!  

5. What is a cool thing about being an author?JA: I get a chance to meet other authors I admire. That never gets old.  

6. Is there anything hard about being an author? I know it is not rainbows, cupcakes, pens and a pot of gold.JA: Who told you that? It’s full of rainbows, cupcakes, pens, and pots of gold!  

7. Book access and diversity in books is a big topic. As an author what do you think your role is in this topic?JA: Book access and diversity are hugely important topics … but I don’t think that they are necessarily the jobs of writers. The job of a writer is to write the best stories they can. That being said, I think that all readers (including those who write) need to work to expand their horizons and read outside of their comfort zones. I’m so grateful to the librarians, bloggers, teachers, and gatekeepers who have taken up these causes! 

8.  If you could portal into any book which would it be?JA: There’s a beautiful chapter in Wind in the Willows called “Piper at the Gates of Dawn.” It works as a standalone story (as many chapters in that book do). Whenever I’m sad, I read it. 

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The curse of the werepenguin

By Allan Woodrow Illustrated by Scott Brown Book Source: purchased Book Status: available

1. This book is about a trained girl robber. THE best robber in the forest. Spoiler that is just really good fake advertising.

2. This book is about a boy who gets adopted by a 100 year old kid Baron. Yes, because that is going to work out well and doesn’t tell the reader something weird is going to happen.

3. This book is about a boy who get bitten by a 100 year old werepenguin-kid. Any guesses where he finds the werepenguin? Spoiler see point 2.

4. This book is about vampires werepenguins. Like hello, super cool idea. How did I not think about this?
5. This sets for a book 2. More werepenguin adventures!