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Mine. Yours.

By Marsha Diane Arnold

Illustrated by Qin Leng

Book Source: Provided for review

Book Status: Available

I’m curious, how does an author turn over a book like this to an illustrator and get pictures? I mean it’s a book that only uses 2 words! Mine yours mine yours mine yours is all it says! But it’s such a great book!!

This book is about a panda who goes to play with a kite but it pulls him into other animals things and sometimes the animal!

The illustrations are so cool and great too!!

I’m giving these two books on my twitter and instagram accounts, check out those pages for more details!!

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Multi-book review

Reviewers: Drew and Jake
Book Source: provided for review
These two books were awesome! The “Rock” one was neat with showing everyone involved with the history of rock n roll. Chuck Berry and Tina Turner were cool and so was David Bowie and his cool face paint 🙂 
The “Rap” one was also really awesome like the “Rock” book with showing a lot of cool rappers. We liked Run DMC and Missy Elliott. Also liked the cool guy with the hat on the cover…we don’t who he is but seems like a nice guy!!

Review – “Frida Catlo”

This book was very nice and really really cool & informative. We liked the cool pictures of Frida as a cat and they did a great job of showing her exciting life and art.
5 out of 5 kitties 🐱 
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Secrets of a Fangirl

By Erin Dionne

Book Source: Provided for review

Book Status: Available on May 28, 2019

This book is about a girl who wins a trivia contest about the most popular book ever, ( from what I can tell ) and she is on a panel at a book convention. At the end of the panel the winners are informed that there is another challenge to discover who is the biggest fan. She decides to enter that contest but is also hiding it in school. The story is about trying to balance her school identity and her real identity. Spoiler – it doesn’t work for her or anyone.

I liked that this book felt like what life is like. It is like my life with my blog. I don’t try to hide it but kids don’t think it is cool and grownups don’t believe me. It can be hard to be a super fan of something.

I recommend this book to middle schoolers and fifth graders. Maybe fourth too. It helps understand what middle school will be like.

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Bonjour! Let’s Learn French

By Judy Martialay

Book Source: Provided for review

Book Status: available

This book is about a pilot and a snail and their adventures. Along the way they teach you French words, and at the back they have all the words they teach. The even teach a song in French!!

I also recommend it to anyone that wants to learn French. It has helped me with talking to my grandparents

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Badger’s Perfect Garden

Written by Marsha Diane Arnold

Illustrated by Ramona Kaulitzki

Book Source: Sent to me at author’s request

Book Status: Available

This book is about a badger who makes a perfect garden with his friends only to be messed up by a storm. But it starts to———— SPOILER ALERT 🚨 SPOILER ALERT 🚨!!!!!!!!!!! Oops 😬

I recommend this book to kids who like everything to perfect ( like me ) and just kids in 2nd & 3rd grade.

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Jay Cooper

Well, first I want to say thank you for the interview! I think it’s seriously cool that you are reaching out to writers. I have no doubt you’ll be a great writer yourself, if you aren’t one already! But on to the questions: 

1. when you were my age, did you like to read? What a fun reading age that was! 9 was the year that I read the Hobbit and the Chronicles of Narnia… Book 3, The Voyage of the Dawntreader, was always my absolute favorite of the series. Of course, you have to add to these about a bajillion comic books and Mad Magazine books (I LOVED Spy Vs. Spy and the Don Martin books!)

2. what book made an impact on you? Oh, there are so many! I have to pick just one? Geez. Okay. Well, Norman Bridwell of Clifford the Big Red Dog fame had a number of other books. One that I really loved was How To Care For Your Monster. It was a practical guide to taking care of your pet werewolf, or vampire, or Frankenstein’s Monster! I loved monsters growing up, and this book really struck home with me… The idea that even the most bloodthirsty monster needs to be cared for like a regular family pet—it was clever and original. And Norman’s illustrations were amazing. They still are!
3. How do you come up with book ideas? Sometimes it feels impossible to come up with book ideas! And other times they just fall into your head all at the same time like raindrops. I guess you could call those “idea showers”. You never can predict when it will happen. The real problem is remembering them! More than once I’ve come up with a book idea that seemed like the most amazing idea ever for a book, and I’ve thought, “I should write that down… but how could I possibly forget such a brilliantly, awesome and amazing idea anyway? Pshaw!” And then, of course, I totally forgot what the idea was. Now I carry around a little notebook everywhere I go so that no matter when or how I get good idea showers, I can record them. Lots of writers do this.
4. What author or book have you read recently that impacted you? That’s a great question. There is an illustrated children’s book that just came out two months ago that is so amazing, so simple and beautiful, that I cannot get it out of my head. I bought it and immediately gave it to another person within an hour of buying it. That’s how good it was! It’s called Cicada, and it’s written and illustrated by Shaun Tan. I think it will be my favorite book of the year.
5. Is there a new or lesser known author kids should know about? Another great question! Russell Ginns is a relatively new author with his Samantha Spinner series. He’s just about the funniest person that I’ve ever met. I highly recommend his books.
6. What advice do you have for kids who want to be an author? The best writers are readers. I work on Broadway, and have read a thousand scripts for plays and musicals at this point (okay, that’s an exaggeration: but a few hundred, certainly!). I read books all the time on top of that. It’s really helped my writing tremendously. Stories are so much a part of my life that creating them has become second nature to me. The trick is finding your own voice when you write… and that just comes with time and practice.
7. Do you hear from your readers?what do you like about it? Receiving a letter or email from a reader always brings a smile to my face. When I got into this business, I really just wanted to have an impact on another human being. Just one. Every time someone reaches out to me, I feel like all the hard work and effort I put into my books is worth it! (And I hope it never gets old).
8. If you could portal into any book, what book would it be? Oh, that’s a fun idea. If I could go into any book at all, I’d probably choose Edith Hamilton’s Mythology book. I’ve always loved mythology, and the idea of meeting Zeus, or Hermes, or Artemis is a very exciting idea! Or I would choose A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. I have always wanted to meet Titania and Oberon and all the fairies. Okay, I’m switching it: I’d choose A Midsummer Night’s Dream first and Edith Hamilton’s Mythology second. Can I do both? You’re in charge of this, right?

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Native American Tales and Legends

Book Source: Owned

Book Status: Available

This book is full of many Native American legends and stories. It’s funny that I bought it at a Navajo Reservation, but it have any Navajo legends!! My favorite story is Glooscap and the three seekers of gifts, which is a Micmac story. My family has Micmac heritage.

On this vacation I have taken two tours with Navajo guides who have shared about their culture. That has been a good way to learn about their history.

I recommend this book to anyone curious about the tales and legends.