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Here comes Teacher Cat

By Deborah Underwood

Pictures by Claudia Rueda

Review by Annoying Little Brother (or Amazingly Awesome Little Brother)

I like Cat. His adventures are silly. In this book, he is a substitute teacher. He is a messy teacher. All he wants to do is take a nap but they don’t let you do that at school all day. His students like him.

I like Cat adventures because they are silly. The pictures tell an extra story. Cat makes lots of silly faces. Even if you can’t read very well, you can tell what they do in the pictures.

If I wrote a Cat Adventure, he would travel the world and be silly. If Cat could meet one person, I would like him to meet Speed Racer. Go Go Speed Racer. Go Go Speed Cat! Don’t go splat!

The end

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Hi! Fly Guy

By Tedd Arnold

Review by Little Brother

I am getting better at reading. This was my library book this week. It is Hi! Fly Guy. It is about a kid finds a pet fly. His name is Buzz and he thinks the fly is saying his name. The fly is really saying go away! The boy catches the fly and the fly gets mad. The boy puts the fly in a show and the fly does really good. At the end, they become friends.

There are more books about Fly Guy and Buzz. I liked that I could read this with only a little help on the big words. It was silly. It was silly to say Buzz!

I recommend this to people who like flies and want them as pets. I also recommend it to kids who are learning to read.

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What the dinosaurs did at school

By Refe & Susan Tuma

Review by Annoying Little Brother

This book is about what the dinosaurs did at school. They aren’t real dinosaurs. They are toy dinosaurs. They get into their kid’s backpack and cause lots of trouble at school. In the art room, they paint all over each other. In the library, they break books! In the cafeteria, they throw food. At the end they cause so much trouble, they get sent home.

I liked I could read this book. I liked that it was about dinosaurs and was funny.

I recommend this book to people who want to see what toys do at school.

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Places to visit in Maine

By annoying little brother
I went to visit Belfast and rode on the Belfast Moosehead train. They took down the Waldo Train Station. The engineer had to turn the engine around to go back.
I also visited Rockport where Andre the Seal lived. They have a statue of  Andre. I watched the movie of Andre with my grampy.
I  also went to an  Animal Farm. My favorite animal was the Fisher. The animals were all from Maine. They didn’t have any giraffes.
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Fire Cat

By Esther Averill 

Review by Annoying Little Brother 
Pickles the cat chases the little cats and lives in a barrel. The firemen let him become a fire cat. They give him a little fire hat to wear on his head.
I liked this book because it was about a cat and firemen

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By Chris Gall

DinoTrux are trucks that are dinosaurs. There is a tv show based on these books.  I like dinosaurs and trucks so this is awesome.

There are people in the books but that isn’t real. It’s funny though. The book talks about the different DinoTrux. My favorite one is Cementosaurus and Blacktopadon. 

I like that the dinosaurs cause trouble. The pictures are funny. 

I can read some of this by myself. Everyone who likes Dinos and trucks will like this.
~Annoying Little Brother 

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Hotel Bruce

By Ryan T Higgins

Review by Annoying Little Brother

This is a book about animals turning Bruce’s home into a hotel. Bruce does not like all the new visitors. They use his stuff, take his bed and annoy him.  He gets really mad and kicks them out.

It was a funny book. Mom says she will do this to our rooms when we are with our grandparents this summer. (In the summer, we migrate to other states with our grandparents) The pictures are so funny.  All the geese are super silly.

I recommend this to someone who needs a laugh.