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Building Blocks

CD by Tim Kubart

Music source: Tim provided to me

Music Status: Out September 28th

Review by Coopbart (Lil’ Brother)

A perk of being Tim Kubart’s biggest fan is getting to listen to his new cd early! I have had it for a while. You would be jealous if you knew how long I have had it.

My favorite song is “Going Up” which is about construction sites. I also like “Field Trip”, “Oopsie Do” and what I call the mommy song (Day One). I can’t wait to play “Birthday” on my birthday.

If you liked “HOME”, you will play this one just as much. (I wore out my “HOME” cd)

You can sing and dance to all the songs. I just keep listening to the songs. I am not sick of it yet. Oh and I created a dance for “Going Up” that I need to teach Tim and Alex!

My recommendation is buy lots of copies of “Building Blocks” and see Tim in concert a hundred times. I also recommend dressing as him just as many times.

Ps I made it in the video for “Day One“!

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Double Book Review: Volcanoes and Dinosaurs

Volcanoes by Arianna Soldati

Dinosaurs by Lela Nargi and Steve Brusatte

Book Source: Provided by Masters Media in exchange for review

Little Brother and Bridget review

These books are by National Geographic Kids. They have facts from actual paleontologist and volcanists. They share information on dinosaurs, why a dig is like and how dinosaurs lived. The volcano book tells the science behind Volcanoes, the different lavas and how you study them. It was very fun to read.

These would be good additions to a science classroom or for a kid interested in dinosaurs or volcanoes. They would learn a lot and could read the books multiple times.

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Lunch Lady and the Schoolwide Scuffle

By Jarrett J Krosczka

Book Source: borrowed from library

Book Status: published

Review by Lil Brother

In this book, the Lunch Lady got fired but she comes back again because the superintendent was mean. She was going to destroy the moon. She had made school bad for kids. The kids get Lunch Lady to come help them save their school.

I liked that it was a comic book. I read this all by myself and I am just starting to read by myself. I liked that they had superhero stuff. The food weapons were funny.

I recommend this to my cousins and other kids trying to read.

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Eppie the Elephant (who was allergic to peanuts)

Written by Livingstone Cruise

Illustrated by Steve Brown

This is Little Brother and I am doing this review because I wanted book mail. Just like Bridget, I have food allergies but I am not peanut allergic. We were sent this book to review because we are kids!

Eppie is an elephant excited for her first day of school. She is also allergic to peanuts and is worried about how the other kids will act. I worried about how kids would react to mine. They think it is weird I don’t eat pizza or ice cream at school.

Eppie makes friends but at lunch, her friends can’t sit with her because they have peanuts. Eppie is sad. The next day, her friends sit with her because they brought safe lunches.

This book helps kids learn about food allergies and being a friend to a kid with allergies. It is nice to see the friends change their lunches so they can sit by Eppie.

I recommend this to kids going back to school, especially if they are at a no nut school.

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Albie Newton

By Josh Funk

Illustrated by Ester Garay

Review by Annoying Little Brother

We borrowed this book from the library. It is a cool book about someone making a time machine. To make it, he takes a lot of stuff. People get mad at him. But then they are happy to go to space and in time.

I liked that he made a time machine. He met a dinosaur. Everybody likes dinos. I like dinos. I am going to make a time machine so I can meet dinos.

I think the book is about inventing. It is about actions who impact others. People get mad at me when I make messes.

I recommend this book!

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Book by Jarrett Lerner

Review by Sam

About the story:


Robots can be a problem.

Have you ever thought about that?  You may have thought having a robot would be the best thing in the world.

Think again.

A robot could bring the world to its fate, due to careless programming.  That is, if it is a robot named Greeeg. A robot named Greeeg that appears on 12-year-old Kennedy’s doorstep, and then builds itself.

How would you like to have a robot that ate everything in that fridge, and then broke a window with his cube-firing butt?  Can Kennedy and his nerdy friends find a way to stop the town from being destroyed by a horde of very-hungry robots?

You will have to read the book to find out.

This is a great read if you enjoyed the “Captain Underpants” series. If you liked this book, you will be excited to know that in early 2019, there will be a sequel called, “The Revenge Of The EngiNerds”.


About the characters:


Kennedy is the head of the EngiNerds, and he likes to make slingshots and buildings out of chopsticks. He also likes “build your own”  project sets. Dan is Kennedy’s best friend.  He is a bit serious sometimes, but often fun. He also is into robots. John Henry Knox, is a very smart EngiNerd who loves to study clouds and weather. He is often wasting time saying that any day now the world will meet its end because of some natural disaster. I, myself, think he is too serious, but there is nothing wrong with being smart, I guess. Jerry is your average tweenager who supplies everyone with chocolate milk, I do not know much about him because he is only in a few scenes in the book.  Edsley/Mike is another kid who seems to be part of the setup for the sequel that I mentioned is coming out in 2019. I also do not know much about him because he was in like, one scene in the book.


About the author:


EngiNerds was written by Jarrett Lerner, and illustrated by Serge Seidlitz.

Jarrett Lerner lives in Medford, Massachusetts with wife, his cat, and his daughter.

Jarrett Lerner is a very cool writer who makes very funny books. Enginerds is a good choice for a read-to-yourself story, or a classroom read that will make you worry for the characters, but will also make you guffaw.