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The Secret Deep

By Lindsay Galvin

Book Source: ARC recieved from Scholastic for review

Book Status: available on February 4, 2020

1. The whole book is surrounded by cancer, genes, and all that kind of stuff.

2. The girl, Aster, and her sister, Poppy, go to live with their aunt in an ecovillage.

3. After a week, their aunt “turns evil” and then they are gassed. They wake up on an island. But Poppy and Aster are separated.

4. Aster finds a mysterious boy who can breath under water!

5. It’s a realllllllllllly suspenseful and thrilling book!!!!!

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Nikki Tesla and the Fellowship of the Bling

By Jess Keating

Book Source: provided for review by Scholastic

Book Status: will be available February 4, 2020

1. It’s the second adventure of Nikki Tesla and her friends. They are really smart.

2. She is dealing with the news her dad being alive and a bad guy. I don’t agree with the twist but I am waiting till the next book to make a final decision. We can talk more about this once people have read it.

3. The object of their mission is to steal a ring that does something super cool.

4. Nikki turns into a ferret…

5. This series makes smart kids cool kids and not just the kid you copy off of in class.

6. Very curious to see where this series goes next.

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By Ben Guterson

Illustrations by Chloe Bristol

Book Source: Borrowed from library

Book Status: Available

We found this book by Amazon suggesting it. Amazon was right. It’s sooooooooooooo good!!! I also read the second book. But still I have 1 burning question. WHERE IS THE THIRD?????!!!!!! I NEED A THIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok now ON WITH THE REVIEW!! (First book only)

1. The characters are sooooooooooooo cool. I mean, a man who hauls his “books” around in a coffin, a boy who’s inventing, like, so much cool stuff, the hotel owner who pokes around the library at night, who wouldn’t want to read this book?

2. The girl, Elizabeth, is an orphan, and lives with her aunt and uncle.

3. Elizabeth lives in the poorest house in the town, yet they manage to send her to an expensive hotel and themselves an expensive 3 week vacation. Huh… Sounds fishy…

4. The owner of the hotel is a little weird… He wants Elizabeth to check in four times a day.

5. The owners sister is into dark magic… She kills to live. Literally.

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Do not rake your garden in a party dress

By Aimee Bissonette

Illustrated by Kelly Pousette

Book Source: provided by publisher for review purposes

Book Status: Released on March 3, 2020

1. This book is great for dealing with things gone wrong

2. The illustrations are really cool and really add to all the things gone wrong

3. It is a good book for helping little kids understand how to accept change

4. It is cool how the words go like a poem

5. The solution is really great and cute

6. It is by Aimee Bissonette.

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Rise of Zombert

By Kara LaReau

Illustrated by Ryan Andrews

Book Source: provided for review

Book Status: Available July 2020

First off, I was reaaaallllllyyyyyy intrigued by this book because it has a black cat on the cover. It’s also a sci-fi about a lab mutated cat with a wanting for bloody, living, food and the cat is super ugly…… Ok I’m going to spoil the book before the review even starts. On with the review!!!!!!!

1. The cat is lab mutated and a zombie.

2. The cat, Bert, stars in a horror film made by his owners bestie.

3. It’s told from the scientist perspective and Bert’s owner view.

4. It’s really suspenseful.

5. It just a really good book.

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Tille the Terrible Swede

Written by Sue Stauffacher

Illustrated by Sarah McMenemy

Book Source: purchased

Book Status: available

Aimee Bissonette suggested I check out this book and as usual, she was right!

1. This book is about Tillie Anderson, an early competitive female cyclist.

2. Tillie was a track cyclist, like me. When she rode they didn’t wear any safety gear!

3. Tillie was so good that people would try to sabotage her on the track. It is hard to keep your balance on the track so they would do things to knock her off.

4. People at the time were split on her. Some thought she was great and some thought women shouldn’t be doing it.

5. She even was examined by doctors to figure out why she was so good.

6. This book is inspiring to learn about a woman who helped change the world for all women. I really want to learn more about her.

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Thank you for another great year

Hi fans! 2019 has been a great year! I have had a lot of fun, and I’ve met new authors year round.

I am going to be a kid for the next two weeks and enjoy school vacation and presents. And kittens.

I may pop in to say hi and definitely will be on my Instagram and Twitter.

And more exciting, I have three more track cycle races before end of the year.