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Science Comics: robots and drones

By Mairghread Scott and Jacob Chabot

The Science Comic’s next release is about robots and drones. This is something kids are curious about so the timing is very good. The book is a graphic novel that goes through the history of robots and also drones. Robots are not as new as we think they are. There are new versions and robots can do a lot of new things.

The book uses a robot character to bring to different points in history and explain how robots came about. There is a lot of information in the book. I learned a lot from the book and would learn more each time I read it. One of the first robots in history was a bird on a string.

This book would appeal to boys and girls who are interested in history, robots and more. If they liked previous Science Comic Books, they will like this one. It comes out next Tuesday.

Thank you to publisher for providing me a review copy.

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Marabel and the Book of Fate

By Tracy Barrett

I picked this up at the bookstore recently. It is great, which is good because I was torn between this book and another everyone is raving about. I have the other one on hold at the library. This is a book that features a strong female lead.

Marabel is a princess and a twin. But her twin is very important because he is the chosen one. He gets kidnapped and guess what he can’t save himself from their aunt (haha strong evil female). Marabel has to go save her brother. Tagging along is her friend, Ellie, who works in the castle, and a sassy/funny unicorn. This trio is not to be messed with.

What I liked about this book is the females are strong. They are saving the boy. Marabel is good in weapons, a good fencer and a planner. Ellie is good at whatever she needs to be. The unicorn is good at eating and being sassy.

I recommend this book to people who need a laugh, to people who want adventure, people who need to see a strong female character. Kids who have been reading Princess in Black and need harder reading would like this.

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By Matthew Cordell

In honor of my interview with Romy being so popular, I picked up this book by Matthew Cordell. I would have gotten Wolf in the Snow but the copies didn’t have their stickers yet.

Wish is a picture book about wishing for a family. It starts with two elephants who are wishing for a kid. They know they want one but they have to wait. And they wait until a storm comes and there is a little elephant.

I think a family that adopted might really like this story as well as families having a baby. Also kids who are waiting for a sibling.

I like the pictures. Matthew is a good illustrator. I like that the characters are elephants because he makes cute elephants. His words read like a poem. It feels soft – I read soft and slow. It would help someone calm down. Probably put you to sleep too.

There are other books in this series so go look for them!

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Star Scouts: The League of Lasers

By Mike Lawrence

Avani is back in book 2 of Star Scouts. In this adventure, she gets stranded on a new planet while on a mission for the League of Lasers. She meets an alien who says she is alien . (I think they are both right) The alien takes them to his farm where Avani is captured by aliens. (Trust me it is easier to follow in the graphic novel) Her future friend helps rescue her. And there are all kinds of space adventures, mischief, friendship and all the things I like in a book.

This isn’t my favorite book series but it is fun. It works with Zita, Cleopatra, Clem – all of which I am impatiently waiting for new books on. Avani is a strong, independent girl. She doesn’t need a boy to rescue her unless she is stranded but you also think she would do the same for him.

I like that she is drawn as a Multicultural character. Any girl could see themselves as Avani, which I know from my friends is important. I could see my best friend dressing as Avani.

This is a good addition to the girl in space graphic novel sets. If Zita, Cleopatra or Clem isn’t your gal, maybe Avani is. And if none are your girls, that is okay because there a million other books on the shelf.

I think kids should be encouraged to read graphic novels because it isn’t just words, words and no picture or picture, picture, no words, it is both. Graphic novels are a good bridge between picture books and chapter books plus a lot of the ones I have read recently are a solid read. They challenge you but are fun.

Note: First Second Books provided me this copy of the book in exchange for a review. The book comes out next Tuesday, March 20th so still a little time to pre-order

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Girls who Code

Book by Jo Whittemore

Activity book by Sarah Hutt

I was super excited to be asked to be part of this book’s blog tour. I am very curious about coding. The last coding book was a little too hard for me so I hoped this would easier. It was much clearer.

First there is a story book of girls who code. It is a fun book. It is nice to have a diverse group of girls who are into STEM. There look to be a couple books in this series so that is super exciting. In the one I read they won an ideas contest for an upcoming dance. It had to be related to coding. So it is kind of neat to see mixing of school activities with coding. I like the girls and this story.

I was asked to try one of the activities in the second book. This book is AWESOME. It was super hard to pick one activity to do! I wanted to do them all and I just might. I picked Optical Illusions as my activity. I even copied my sheets so I could do it a couple times.

This was my first version. The activity sheet is like a color by number. You pick your colors and then follow the pattern. It ends up looking 3-D. It is not!

I even tried changing colors in my second try. You get the same illusion, just more color.

If I was coding this, the activity sheet says it could animated to make the illusion appear. That’s cool.

The activity book all the little things that go into coding. There are lots of details to consider. I think it is a good way to introduce kids to coding without overwhelming them. Plus if they don’t have regular access to a computer they can still participate.

I really am happy I was asked to do this! I was considering giving the books to my school but I just might be keeping these!

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Bodie Troll

By Jay Fosgitt

Bodie Troll was recently reissued with some added adventures. The book on the left is the original and the right is the one issued by kaboom! I reviewed Bodie last year but still wanted the new version.

Although some adventures are repeats, the added adventures are hilarious. If you don’t know Bodie Troll, you need him in your life. He wants to be scary but he is just plain cute. He gets into all kinds of mischief and just gets into trouble. He learns lipstick isn’t his things (my favorite adventure).

I highly recommend Bodie Troll for those who like graphic novels and plain silly adventures.

Keep your ears open. I might be doing something with Bodie Troll himself soon.

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The Super Life of Ben Braver

By Marcus Emerson

I was asked to read this book as part of it’s blog tour by the publisher. It is a very funny book. They say silly things. They do silly things. They make plans and then do silly things that weren’t in their plans. The drawings are silly.

Ben Braver is a normal kid who has an enemy. He is asked to attend a school for super heroes. Only problem is he doesn’t know what his super power is. He makes two friends at the school who know what their super powers are. Together they are trying to help Ben find his power. Oh and his enemy shows up at his school.

This is a story about friendship and finding your inner powers. We can all have a super power (ok maybe not invisibility or super strength or any of those) but you can be kind, helpful, a friend or just plain nice.

Diversity is a big topic for me. I was a little bothered that Ben is a white boy. True his friends are a girl and a black boy but why couldn’t Ben be the friend and Noah be the lead. Just saying it would be nice to see the roles reversed more often.

I think this a book both boys and girls will like. Kids who like Vordak or Star Wars Jedi Academy Books will enjoy this. It is written in a similar style, which is chapter book with graphics mixed in.