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Big Cat

By Emma Lazell

Book Source: provided in exchange for a review

Book Status: Available July 30, 2019 in US

Dad likes to tell us the story about my grandmother letting an opossum in the house when he was younger. She thought it was their cat. So when I was offered the chance to review a book about a grandmother mistaking a tiger for her cat, I had to say yes!

This book is about a grandma who mistakes a tiger for a cat. They try to return it to their neighbors but it doesn’t belong to any of them. Then some —– SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!! Grandmother’s new cat is a really a lost tiger! Oops 😬

I recommend this to anyone who needs a laugh!

Oh and my grandmother never got to have a tea party with her opossum

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Ghost Hog

By Joey Weiser

book Source: bought at TCAF

Book Status: available

During free comic book day, we got a copy of Ghost Hog. At TCAF, we met Joey Weiser and got a full sized copy of Ghost Hog. The free comic book day is a little different than the book.

Ghost Hog is a graphic novel about a Hog is also a ghost. It is a girl named Truffles. Her nickname is Truf. The book is about her adventures as a ghost. She has to deal with something that is not so nice (The Hunter).

It was fun to read. I recommend this to kids who like ghosts and kids who like adventures.

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The unhappy little pig

By Howard Wong

Illustrated by Adrian Alphona

Book Source: bought at TCAF

Book Status: Available (limited printing)

This book is about an unhappy little pig who tries to be each different animals on the Chinese Zodiac. It doesn’t make him happy. He eventually settles for… spoiler alert… spoiler 🚨…. being himself.

This is a story about being happy with yourself or what you do and what you have. This is something kids struggle with – we feel like we need to be better, cooler, popular. We will still struggle with being happy with ourselves but books like this help.

This book was limited printed for the Hong Kong International Young Readers Festival. Mine is copy 197/200 (Howard brings a stack and you can pick your number). I don’t know how many he has left but I hope this gets reprinted so more people can have it!

BTW I think his dedication is funny!

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By Jim Benton

Book Source: provided in exchange for review

Book Status: Available

I met Jim Benton at a book event last year and it totally didn’t occur to me I had been reading his work for years. I didn’t expect to meet the Jim Benton and him to be so nice. I just reviewed Catwad by him and was excited when his pr person reached out about reviewing Clyde! So here we go…

This book is about a bear who is named Clyde and wants to be a bad guy. I think he is like me and wakes up on the wrong side of the bed a lot. When he goes to a town where everyone is mean, he meets a butterfly named Melisa Sue, who beats Clyde up. She’s a second grader. She also beats up some guys at the town. When the go back to Clyde’s home to save his grandma turtle from fish jail. She’s in jail for splashing a fish. They get there, and about 900 other animals are there to, including a PENGUIN AND A KITTY!!!!!!!

I recommend this book to people who want to be an tough and people who are bully’s.

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Hi! So, confession time, recently I got burnt out with the blog. I have been feeling overwhelmed with reviews and the commitments. School and kid life are taking more time.

I’m going to start to post with the following things each day


I will focus on Graphic readers – graphic novels, comics and those books that aren’t picture books but aren’t just chapter books. I may revisit a previously reviewed graphic novel because as I get older, how I read them changes.


Maybe I will post. Maybe I won’t.


If I have an interview with an author, illustrator, librarian or other book person, I will post it.


Maybe a post maybe no post, if post it is whatever I want.


What I’m reading or just finished.


No post


No post.

Vacation weeks:

Posts on some days, mostly about my vacation.

Book Events:

Posts throughout the day, about the event. These will most likely happen on my social media. I like twitter the most!

Solicitation policy

I will still consider solicited books. This is how I have found some great ones. I just can’t make any promises on post timing. I do want to be able to do book tours and more so keeping my schedule open will help.

After three years, it is time to change things up! Plus more is traveling more and she is my technical support.

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The worst class trip ever

By Dave Barry

Book Source: bought by my parents

Book Status: available

My mom picked this up for me because I am stuck in a negative loop right now. She says things are the worst a lot. So this book is about a class trip to Washington DC. They live far enough they need to fly there . On the flight is when everything starts to go bad. There are two suspicious people sitting near the two main characters, Wyatt and Matt. The men won’t let the flight attendants take their bags and insist on holding them in their lap. Matt is thinking outrageously and says there is a bomb. No, no, no – it is a dragon head. And it is an outrageously fun start to the book which is super fun at this stressful end of the school year period.

This book was a very fun read. It was a quick book for me. I think fourth and fifth grade students would really enjoy it. They would think outrageously with the facts in the book. This is also a good book on why we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

Oh and I don’t want to go on a class trip with these two boys!

PS just because it is that time of year, did you know Tim Kubart has a really fun field trip song? Though we want to know what is a sandwich factory?

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Double review! Books by Kristin Pierce

Books by Kristin Pierce

Book Source: e-copies provided in exchange for review

Book Status: available

Your Inner Compass That Could

This book is about following your conscience or your guts. It shows that you can choose right from wrong, good from bad, even when others aren’t. It has a moral, and that moral is, ” When given the choice of right or wrong, choose right no matter what might happen ”

I recommend this book to everyone, because everyone needs a reminder to choose right no matter what!

Mayva O’Meere Creationeer

This book is about releasing creativity. It’s also kinda a book for parents because it’s about a girl who parents don’t like her creativity, so they don’t let her release it! So Mayva, our star, loves art but she tries to, uh, ” repaint ” her parents car, so she gets in trouble, then she enters an art contest, okay I’ll spoil it if I say more!

I recommend this to parents, because sometimes parents don’t approve of creativity because they don’t understand it!