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Secret Coders: Robots and Repeats

By Gene Luen Yang and Mike Holmes

This is the greatest book ever. This book is not out till October so I got an advanced copy (perk of being a book reviewer).

In this book you learn one of the characters is an alien and doesn't have a nose! Plus their head is square.

They are learning how to use the most powerful turtle in the world. It is a robot. Everything it draws is …… oops, can't tell you.

I am a big fan of this series. It is encourages kids to solve problems.

Note: Book Aunt met Gene recently! Between Thien and Book Aunt, I am hoping to have Gene on my blog soon!

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Trollbella throws a Party

By Chris Colfer
Illustrated by Brandon Dorman

This story is part of the Land of Stories. It is not in the big book but it is a side story. Trollbella is a character in the book. She is the Troblim Queen.

I liked seeing what she would look like. This might be a good Comic Con costume.

I liked that Trollbella was being nice. It was a Troblim boy birthday too so she shared her party.

People who like Land of Stories would like this book. It would also be good for someone who wanted a new fairy tale for a kid.

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Weird but True 365 Planner

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When I was offered the chance to review this planner, I was excited. My school gives us one for school work, so I plan to use this to track a new fact I learn each day or something really cool that happened.

For example, earlier this week, I learned the work "syzygy" on the Absolutely Mindy show.  It means three items in a row. An example is the eclipse.

Looking at the planner, it is not set for a year so you can use it whenever. It starts with August 1st.  There are facts on the pages which makes it cool. At the back are facts to help with homework!

I think kids will like this planner. Heck, I think some grownups will too.

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Ghosts of the White House


by Cheryl Harness

Do you believe in ghosts? If you do this is a good book for you. This is book about all the presidents' ghosts in the White House. A girl goes on a field trip to the White House and the next thing she knows she is with the ghosts going all around the White Houseand she meets new ghosts. It is a very fun book.


If you like field trips, ghosts or learning about the presidents this book is for you.


This book gets 38 stars.

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The Football Fanbook

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By Gary Gramling

I am interested in learning more about football so thought this might be nice. It turns out it is not as introductory as I needed. It is for someone who really likes football.

The reader will learn cool facts about football, tailgating recipes and other neat trivia. Maybe if I knew more about the game, I would like this book more. I think someone who likes football will really like it.  Maybe this fall, I can get one of my classmates to read it and review it.

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Poppy and the Outdoors Cat

by Dorothy Haas

This is a very good book about a beautiful cat. The illustrations are beautiful and I love the story. It is a very nice story about a girl who wants a pet but can not have it. She finds the outdoor cat in a trash can.  In the end there is a surprise.

If you would like to get a pet but your parents say no, then read this book and you might get a surprise.

This would be a good book for people who are starting to read chapter books. I think Annoying Little Brother will enjoy this book when he can read chapter books.

I give this book 300 stars because I like cats and it is a very nice book.