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The Friendship Lie

By Rebecca Donnelly

Book Source: purchased

Book status: available

This is a cool book. It is about friendship and when it goes haywire. This is unique because the main character is the reason it goes haywire. Then she got stubborn and it got worse.

This is also a book about the environment. The girl’s parents are trash experts. This could be a book for a class using sustainable development goals. My mom works with those in her job.

You wouldn’t expect friendship and trash to combine but it is pretty cool.

One note from an ADHD reader. This book changes narrator and time period. Every few chapter or maybe every chapter. That made it a little hard for me follow. This could be a challenge for a student so just keep it in mind.

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Think before you…

With a couple high profile kids books coming out recently, I want to bring something up.

When these books come out, grown ups are all “kids will love this”, “kids have to read this” “it is going to be super popular in my class”. The kids hear that and read the book trusting the grown-up. But some kids aren’t going to like the book and that makes them feel dumb.

For example, I haven’t gotten into Harry Potter. Some people have said things that make me feel bad about it. They don’t mean to because they loved the book but it still makes me feel bad.

We have to remember that not all books are for all people. Spoiler: there are some major kidlit authors I don’t like. Everyone gets excited about their books but I just don’t like them. I am okay with this because I know there are lots of other books and authors. But other kids don’t know that.

I would like it if you try to be careful when you get excited about a kids book. It would let kids feel better if they don’t like the book!

Something cute to end this. This is a 3 week old kitten!! Isn’t he adorable?
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The Great Indoors

Written by Julie Falatko

Illustrated by Ruth Chan

Book Source: gifted by Julie at NerdCampMi

Book Status: available

This is the story of animals on vacation. They rent a house and make huge messes. It is all kinds of different wild animals doing people things.

This is a very funny story. I think my cats act like this when we are not home. I wish I could teach my cat to brush his teeth (pee-you).

The funniest part is that the house is a human house and they were on vacation in the woods. When they came home it was all messed up. It is a good reminder not to mess up the outdoors because that is someone’s home.

Like when we cut the big tree in our backyard down they found a squirrels nest. They put the babies in a box for their mom. She came and got her babies. We felt bad about cutting down their home but the tree was very sick.

Spoiler: check the under the cover of this book. It has a surprise cover with twister!!

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All the colors of magic

By Valija Zinck

Book Source: provided for review
Book Status: available December 3, 2019

1. It’s about a girl who wakes up to find out that her hair has turned a bright, bright red. Then she learns that she can do magic!

2. She has to embark on a journey to find her missing dad!( Though her intentions are based on fake stuff and things that are out of good control.)

3. She learns that she’s not the only person that can do magic. But she is actually probably the, like, 2nd most powerful…

4. She can fly! She can fly!

5. It’s just a rrreeeaaalllyyy good book.

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Cat Science Unleashed by Jodi Wheeler-Toppen (Photography by Matthew Rakola)

Cat Breed Guide by Stephanie Warren Drimmer & Gary Weitzman DVM

Book Source: provided in exchange for fair review by Media Masters Publicity

Book Status: Available

When Bridget was offered these books for review, the answer was yes from me. I took them as soon as they came. Cats are my favorite. Cats RULE!

With Cat Science Unleashed, I learned fun things to do with my cat. I learned why my cat acts the way he does. I learned why cats usually land on their feet and how they fit in small spaces. This is a good book for kids who want to do things with their cats.

Cat Breed Guide teaches you about different types of cats. There are a lot more types of cats than I thought. I think my cat has some Bombay in him. We also have two tabby cats and one calico. One of our cats is even a miniature. All of our cats are short haired. They are all rescues!

This book is really interesting to learn about the different cats, their history and what makes them unique. They also make funny faces.

I recommend these books to kids who like cats or trying to pick a cat pet.

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Keep it together, Keiko Carter

By Debbi Michiko Florence

Book Source: Provided by author for fair review

Book Status: Comes out May 5, 2020

This book is unique because it’s on the few book were stuff doesn’t end ok and stuff does. It also shows real life, and that’s an important thing.

1. It’s about a Japanese-American girl and some of the ways people are not nice.

2. It’s about how friendships Change. And sometimes kids try to hold on to them.

3. It’s about how people change because of others even when they don’t realize it.

4. It shows how sometimes people are mean even though the act like an angel.

5. It’s set in real life not a world were everybody’s either nice or evil and they’re just that and not everything works out.

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My Furry Foster Family: Buttons the Kitten

By Debbi Michiko Florence

Illustrated by Melanie Demmer

Book Source: purchased

Book Status: two of series available now. More to come

For the first review in my new weekly reviewing, I am sharing about a new book about foster cats. It is part of a series about foster animals. Buttons is a foster kitten and Truman is a foster dog.

I think kids will like this because it is about pets. It is about saving animals and has a girl who gets to take care of them.

I have four rescue cats. They were fosters at someone else’s house but now they live with us.

This was one of the first chapter books I read all by myself. I want you to read it yourself. My favorite part is at the end and I don’t want to spoil it.

It is a pretty good book. I want to read more of the series. I have the book about Truman the Dog and hope to get the other two when they come out.

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