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Together Things

By Michelle Vasiliu and Gwynneth Jones

Book Source: provided for review purposes

Book Status: Available

This is a picture book about a kid and their dad. Their dad is sick and it explains what kind of help he needs.

1. This book would be a good book for kids who’s parent is sick, especially with mental illness.

2. This book would work pretty well for kids in therapy. It explains how you can approach things differently.

3. It’s just a really nice book about a tough topic.

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By Laura Shovan

Book Source: Gifted by Laura to me

Book Status: Available

1. This is about a girl playing a sport considered a “boy sport”.

2. She has to deal with a lot of not nice behavior from adults and kids.

3. It is a book about perseverance.

4. It could be a book to start an interesting debate with middle graders. They could have strong opinions on if there are boy/girl roles.

5. This would be a good book for kids who are doing things not usual for kids. Things like track cycling.

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Breaking Through

By Sue Macy

Book Source: Provided by Media Masters Publicity for review

Book Status: available

1. Sports were used to equalize women and men.

2. In the epilogue, it talks about how women are still pushing in sports.

3. It talks about how media got more women involved in sports.

4. It also has timelines at the end of each chapter, but not telling the main story, but what major things happened during those years.

5. It gives me a sense of how active women were and still are. Women are not always portrayed as active but they definitely are. Today is Women and Girls in Sports Day so the perfect day to remember sports are for girls and women.

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Wheels of Change

By Sue Macy

Book Source: purchased

Book Status: available

I was asked to review the third book in Sue Macy’s series about women and sports (that review comes later this week). While reading about Sue, I saw the title of the second book (this) and had to have it. I mean women + bicycles = heck yeah! I want that book!

1. It’s about how the bicycle made a lot of progress in women’s rights!

2. It tells about how women were both advocates about bikes, but also how they were also hating the bike and think that it made women demons!!!

3. It tells how the bicycle innovated how women go places, and how it changed restrictions with women and men.

4. It shows how the bicycle changed over time to accommodate women, and how women changed over time to accommodate the bike.

5. It made me think about bikes differently, and made me proud to be a woman cyclist!!!!!!!

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Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary

By Laura Shovan

Book Source: gifted to me by author
Book Status: available

Please excuse the stock photo….. I gave the book to my fifth grade teacher before I took a picture of it.

1. It’s a whole book telling a story, but it’s all poetry!

2. The poetry is in different perspectives, each one a different person.

3. It shows how the kids try to save their school from being bulldozed and made into a new super market.

4. It shows how much the kids are willing to do in order to save their school.

5. It’s just really cool…. And nice…….. And touching that kids really are like that……. My class would be throwing parties if my school was going to be turned into a super market.

6. This book could be a cool fifth grade class project to see what kids would do if it was their school.

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The Bone Garden

By Heather Kassner

Book Source: borrowed from library

Book Status: available

1. The girl, Ireele, is not real. She is made from bones and dust, cinnamon and hair.

2. She is never allowed to go outside, or in public. She only is a allowed to go in the underground tunnels, that stretch across every grave in the graveyard.

3. She collects dust from bones for her mistress,  Miss Arden Mae Vesper, or, Miss Vesper.

4. This book is perfect for kids who like spooky books but not horror.

5. It’s a really cool plot and it’s mysterious twists and cliffhangers keep you guessing.


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Ghost Squad

By Claribel A. Ortega

Book Source: ARC sent by Scholastic for review purposes

Book Status: available April 7, 2020

1. The girl, Lucely, and her friend, Syd, cast a spell that, like, awakens killer ghosts… Weeeelllllllll they are poltergeists so…… Yeah, they can kill you…. Yup. They can.

2. Syd’s grandma is. A. Witch.

3. Lucely has the ability of seeing ghosts. But only of her family members. Like her grandma and cousin.

4. Lucely’s dad runs a ghost tour.

5. This book is just a REALLLLLLLLLLLLY GOOD BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!