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Crafty Cat and the Great Butterfly Battle

By Charise Mericle Harper

Review by Ada

This book is a story about a girl named Birdie, who transforms into Crafty Cat, which is her crafty alter ego.  She does this whenever she needs to make something, or to help someone fix something.  Birdie makes her Crafty Cat suit out of different craft items whenever Crafty Cat is needed.  She has a friend named Cloudy who is a cloud.

Birdie wants to be a butterfly because her class is having a bug play about lots of different bugs.  She has to prove that she can be as fast as a butterfly, faster than the other kid who wants to be a butterfly.

You’d like this book if you like cats or crafts.  My favorite thing Crafty Cat can make is bookmarks.  If you want to make some too, there’s a craft section at the end of the book!  There is also a pattern to make butterfly hair clips, and I am happy this is in the book.  I give this book five stars. I can’t wait to get more books to read about Crafty Cat!

(Review copy provided by First Second)

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The Stampede with Penny the Mustang Pony

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Author: Barbara Knight

Reviewer:  Kirsten

Summary of the story: It was a bright sunny day in August with a clear blue sky, when Penny awoke. Penny began to roll in the soft, sweet-smelling grass. Penny thought about joining her herd when she heard a strange nose by the river.

What did I like? When Penny heard the strange noise.

Overall review love this book and everybody in the world should read this book

Who else might enjoy this story?  Kids who are adventurous and who love horses and who love to read.

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Young Helen Keller

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Author: Anne Benjamin

Reviewer:  Annabelle

Summary of the story:  This is a story about a girl named Helen Keller  who’s blind, deaf, and could not talk.  Then she started to hit and kick people and once Helen even pushed her baby sister, Mildred, out of her cradle.  Then Annie came to live with the Keller family to help Hellen Keller.  She helped Helen learn to talk and do sign language.  

What did I like? I really liked this story because it’s a real story, and it’s a good story because it’s about a girl who is a super sweet girl, but is deaf, blind, and cannot talk.  

Overall review: this is the best book ever no wonder I read this book so many times.  

Who else might enjoy this story? Blind kids .


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The True Story of the Little Pigs

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As told to: Jon Scieszka

Illustrated by Lane Smith

Reviewer: Haven

Summary of the story: This story is the story the wolf told Jon Scieszka.  The wolf was sick and he was looking for a cup of sugar, but no one gave him one.
What did I like? He eats 2 pigs!

Overall review: it’s a good book

Who else might enjoy this story? Hunter and anyone who likes the 3 little pigs!

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The Lorax

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Author: Dr. Seuss

Reviewer:  Briar

Summary of the story : There’s  a boy that on a foggy August night goes to the Onceler that tell’s him the story of the Lorax. Once upon a time the Onceler family starts a factory.  They cut down all the truffula trees to make thneeds, but the lorax speaks for the trees.  He has to send away the brown barbaloots, the swomee swans, and the humming fish. Soon the Lorax himself  has to leave.   

What did I like? I Iike that the lorax appeared through a stump and a flash of light.

Overall review: It’s a great book because I think it is cool that the lorax appeared through a flash of light. I like mysteries that can’t be explained.

Who else might enjoy this story?  kids with imagination.