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The Lorax

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Author: Dr. Seuss

Reviewer:  Briar

Summary of the story : There’s  a boy that on a foggy August night goes to the Onceler that tell’s him the story of the Lorax. Once upon a time the Onceler family starts a factory.  They cut down all the truffula trees to make thneeds, but the lorax speaks for the trees.  He has to send away the brown barbaloots, the swomee swans, and the humming fish. Soon the Lorax himself  has to leave.   

What did I like? I Iike that the lorax appeared through a stump and a flash of light.

Overall review: It’s a great book because I think it is cool that the lorax appeared through a flash of light. I like mysteries that can’t be explained.

Who else might enjoy this story?  kids with imagination.

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Snowmen At Night

Bridget Note: A second grade class across the country from me asked if they could do reviews on my blog too. I loved the idea so for the next few Mondays, they will be the guest reviewers.  If you know a kid who wants to be a reviewer, let me know. 

Author: Caralyn Buehner

Illustrated by Mark Buehner

Reviewer: Sahalie

Summary of the story: This story is about what snowmen do when we are asleep.  Some snowmen do some stuff like sledding and playing baseball with snowballs for balls and brooms for bats.   That is why when we wake up our snowmen are so droopy!

What did I like?  I like when they played baseball.

Overall review: I  loved this book because I like funny stories.

Who else might enjoy this story? I would recommend this book to teachers who like fantasy stories.