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Bigfoot and the Mitten

Words by Karen Bell-Brege

Pictures by Darrin Brege

Book Source: provided by author and illustrator for review purposes

Book Status: Available

Review by Little Brother

This is Little Brother and I am taking over Bridget’s blog this week! Come back each day to see what I have to say about books. Now review…

I took this book from Bridget because I like things about Bigfoot. This is a book about Bigfoot exploring Michigan. I have seen a lot of things he sees!

Bigfoot is confused about the Mitten. Michigan is called the Mitten because it looks like one but Bigfoot doesn’t know that.

Kids would like this book because they will learn about Michigan and all the cool things here. It is fun to explore with Bigfoot. It could be cool if Bigfoot explored more states.

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By David Biedrzycki

Book Source: bought at Book Beat

Book Status: available

Lil Brother here to tell you about a funny book that also teaches you Japanese words. In SumoKitty a stray kitten gets adopted by sumo wrestlers and takes care of their mice problem. But he eats too much and can’t chase the mice and gets kicked out. He was a very fat kitty. (One of our kitties is trying to be a SumoKitty)

He works at getting back in shape and earns his place back. On about every page is a new Japanese word to learn.

My cat is black. He is not a SumoKitty but he takes very good care of our foster kitties. I like anything with black cats in it.

This book is about not giving up and putting in hard work. It is about when you do something and stop trying hard. Then you have to try even harder.

Kids who like cats, Japanese and fun books will like this. I am going to read it to my cat everyday so he can be a SumoKitty.

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May all people and pigs be happy

By Micki Fine Pavlicek

Illustrated by John Pavlicek

Book Source: copy provided in exchange for review

Book Status: Available

Annoying Little Brother taking over the blog with a review today. Bridget is at track cycling practice when I write this so she can’t stop me.

This is a story about a girl and her pig. It is about mindfulness and learning to control your emotions.

The girl’s feelings get hurt and the pig helps her think more positively. By changing how she thinks, she does nice things for other people. She has a saying about being happy, safe and loved.

This is a book I am going to share with my school. It could help lots of kids think differently. I am using mindfulness to change my behavior and it helps. It takes practice so I am still working on it. I might try using the phrases in this.

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Save the crash-test dummies

By Jennifer Swanson

Illustrated by TeMika Grooms

Book Source: purchased

Book status: available

Mom has one of those jobs where she does a lot of different projects for the company. One project she does is road safety education. She works for an automotive company (duh we live near Detroit). I am the mascot for one of her sponsored programs and am known as Road Safety Kid. When we heard about this book, we knew we had to order it.

This book is awesome. You learn about vehicle safety and the history of how they tested car safety. You learn what brakes do (Dad works for a brakes company). You learn about airbags and seatbelts and even future concepts. They even talk about mirrors and backup cameras.

Mom thinks this book is pretty cool. She is going to share it with her road safety friends. I think this is really interesting. I don’t know many kids into road safety like I am but kids who are curious how things work would like this book. Kids who like engineering will like it. I think adults should read this book to remember why they need to wear their seatbelts and use mirrors.

It is funny because on Tuesday I read a story about the history of windshield wipers.

I think this book is awesome and should join the kid education on pedestrian and bike safety.

I had a meeting with NHTSA about road safety for kids

In my mascot suit
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Ghost Hog

By Joey Weiser

book Source: bought at TCAF

Book Status: available

During free comic book day, we got a copy of Ghost Hog. At TCAF, we met Joey Weiser and got a full sized copy of Ghost Hog. The free comic book day is a little different than the book.

Ghost Hog is a graphic novel about a Hog is also a ghost. It is a girl named Truffles. Her nickname is Truf. The book is about her adventures as a ghost. She has to deal with something that is not so nice (The Hunter).

It was fun to read. I recommend this to kids who like ghosts and kids who like adventures.

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The Last Surviving Dinosaur

By Steven Joseph

Illustrated by Andy Case

Book Source: e-copy Provided for review

Book Status: Available

Reviewer – Little Brother

This is the story about a girl who wants her dad to read to her but she has to read to her dad. The girl tells her dad a story about TyrantoCrankaTsuris. She is a cranky dinosaur like my sister in the mornings. (Oops hopes she doesn’t read her own blog). She is having a hard time making friends.

I read this all by myself. I recommend it to cranky kids. Second graders will like it. It was a fun book to read.


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Double Astronaut Fun

The First Men Who went to the Moon by Rhonda Gowler Greene

Illustrated by Scott Brundage

Book Source: purchased at book event

The Astronaut who painted the moon by Dean Robbins

Illustrated by Sean Rubin

Book Source: sent for review by Scholastic

Book Status: available May 28, 2019

Reviewer – Little Brother

This is the amazingly awesome Astronaut loving little brother taking over the blog to share about two Astronaut books.

The First Men Who went to the Moon is about space and the first lunar landing. It talks about their prep, landing and how people reacted. There are Moon facts in the book too.

This book would be good for kids who want to learn about space and going to the Moon. This year is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing so now would be a good time to learn about it. Second grade classes could use this book! I read it by myself!

The Astronaut who painted the moon is about Alan Bean. He was the fourth man to land on the moon. He was also an artist. When he got back to Earth, he painted what he saw on the moon.

This would be a good book for art classes to talk about the moon landings. Mom says it is also a good way to show how you can use art to share an experience. I think this book would be good in classes.

The two books go together really well. I am adding them to my space shelf with the book by Buzz Aldrin! I like space and hope to go one day.

Last year I met an Astronaut when we were at Kennedy Space Center.