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Review by Cameron
This book is suited for middle school students.  The story is about a kid named Capricorn Anderson.  He has never watched television.  He has never tasted pizza.  His only experience is being raised on a farm with his hippi grandmother who homeschools him.  His grandmother ends up in the hospital so Capricorn has to go to a regular school and learns all about the things he’s been missing.
I would recommend this book to readers who like a funny story.
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Book by Louis Sachar

Reviewer: Cameron

This book is about a boy who gets sent to a place for getting blamed for stealing some famous shoes. The place is called Green Lake. The boys have to dig holes which is suppose to build character. Each hole must be five feet deep and five feet wide. If they find anything interesting, they show it to the warden. If she likes it, she gives them the day off.

I would recommend the book to kids who like an adventurous book.