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You’re My Little Cuddle Bug

by Nicola Edwards.

Illustrations by Natalie Marshall.

Review by baby Taran, translated by big brother Westley.

Taran: Mama mama.  Ma ma.  Ma ma.  Eee eee.  Mama.  Mama.  Mmmm.

Westley: The book is very very sweet.  I like how it has cutouts.   The cutouts are the shapes of the animals.  On the first page it just shows the baby animal, then you turn the page and lift the cutout and it shows the baby with the mom.

Taran: Ah. Ah.  Aah ah.  Mommmum.

Westley: There are all sorts of different animals.  Some look cute and others look weird.  I liked how the story said very nice things, and when you flip the page the words from the first page show through the cut-out.

Taran: Mmmm. Hummmummummm.

Westley: People who like animals and being nice to animals should get this book, and also for babies.  I think we should get a copy of this book for my baby cousin.

Taran: (holding up one finger) Mah.  Mah.  (signing “more, more”) Uh-oh.

Westley: Grownups should also get this book even if they don’t like animals and don’t like being kind to animals because it is still very cute.

Taran:  Mah mah mah.  (leaves the room) Dun, dun (signs “all done”)

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Grandfather Whisker’s Table

By Eun-Jeong Jo

Illustrated by Bimba Landmann. 

Review by Westley.

This story is about a little boy and his dad a long time ago.  The little boy buys a toy for his baby brother.  The dad goes to one of the first bankers and the little boy ask the banker to hold his toy for his baby brother so he doesn’t lose it at the Palio di Siena horse race.  Then he loses the receipt to get the toy back!

I liked when he lost the receipt and the banker gave back the toy even though he didn’t have the receipt since it was a present for his baby brother.  I like the pictures and the artwork because they were pretty.  They had lots of detail.

I think people who like history would like this book.   This is a story about a time that was real, but the people aren’t real.