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Ghost Hog

By Joey Weiser

book Source: bought at TCAF

Book Status: available

During free comic book day, we got a copy of Ghost Hog. At TCAF, we met Joey Weiser and got a full sized copy of Ghost Hog. The free comic book day is a little different than the book.

Ghost Hog is a graphic novel about a Hog is also a ghost. It is a girl named Truffles. Her nickname is Truf. The book is about her adventures as a ghost. She has to deal with something that is not so nice (The Hunter).

It was fun to read. I recommend this to kids who like ghosts and kids who like adventures.

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Be Prepared

By Vera Brosgol

This graphic novel is pretty thick so plan some time to read it. I managed to read it in one morning thanks to an ice storm no school day.

In this book, Vera goes to summer camp. It is a summer camp for Russian kids. Her tent mates don’t really like her because they have been friends forever. She is the new kid at camp. At first she is miserable. Camp is not what she thought. The book is about how she managed to enjoy camp and also how hard being a young girl is.

I think this book might be for older kids and adults to remind them how hard it is at this age. I enjoyed it but did feel like I was missing something. My mom and I talked about the book – she got a lot more from it than I did.

I think this book would be good for kids who feel left out or who had miserable camp experiences. I will put this one aside and reread it in a couple years.

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Scarlett Hart, Monster Hunter

By Marcus Sedgwick and Thomas Taylor

This book is really really cool. Scarlett Hart is a cool name because Scarlett is a red and Hart is like heart. So her name is red heart. Scarlett is a monster hunter but she is underage so she isn’t official. There is one monster hunter that hates her and wants her out. He wants to see her in jail. The book is all about her hunting monsters, avoiding him and eventually saving his life.

This is a graphic novel. Kids starting at third grade would enjoy it. There is some not so nice parts when they kill the monsters and maybe send a bad guy over a cliff. It is a quick read.

I like that this is a strong girl who saves the boy. Books like this help girls believe in themselves and believe they can do anything they want.

This book comes out in April so still time to preorder. Thank you , First Second, for the review copy

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Clem Hetherington and the Ironwood Race

By Jen Breach and Douglas Holgate

This is new graphic novel series that features a race car driving, archaeologist fourteen year old girl.  Clem was raised on digs with her parents until they suddenly disappeared. She and her robot brother went to an orphanage. The book picks when they have run away and are trying to get back on an archaeology dig. The dig they end up on is also a very rough off-road vehicle race.

I loved Clem. She is a cool girl who doesn’t let things stand in her way. Her robot brother is mischievous and loyal. There is a very funny note from him. I won’t tell you what it says but it is one of my favorite parts of the book. Their friend may or may not be a good guy.  The race is dangeous and take no prisoners. The graphics really do a good job of showing the race dangers and fun.

This is the first book. I can not wait for the next book to learn more about Clem and the other racers.

Because of the race dangers, I would say this is an older kid graphic novel. Third grade might be the youngest I would recommend and it may still be a little much then.

A review copy of this book was provided to me by Graphix in exchange for an honest review.

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Madam C.J. Walker and New Cosmetics

By Katherine Krohn

Illustrated by Richard Dominguez, Dave Hoover, Bill Anderson and Charles Barnett III

For Black History Month, I am working on a project on Madam C.J. Walker. This is one of my research books and it is a graphic novel style. It is fun and quick to read. It has a lot of details but not all the ones I needed. I have two other books on her to read as well.

I think using graphic novel style is a fun way to gets kids to read something historical. It was a good way to learn a little about her before I read the other books. This is a good way also for kids who aren’t up to reading a full chapter book.

I would think this book and others in its series would be a good addition to a school library.

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Cucumber Quest: The Ripple Kingdom

By Gigi D.G.

The adventures of Cucumber continue in this book. The silly names continue with a water theme. The adventure are still pretty silly with a really silly part at the end. It does tie to the first book. The water princess has a cell phone that summons a creature. It is helpful not scary. Throughout they continue to try to find the Nightmare Knight.

I like that this continues the funny names and despite it being an adventure book, it is fun. I like that ties to the first book. I think the illustrations are funny, nice and colorful. They perk up this very cold streak of weather.

I recommend this to people who liked the first Cucumber Quest and people looking for an adventure. If you like Star vs Forces of Evil, you will probably like this.

Review copy provided by First Second

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One Day a Dot

By Ian Lendler

Illustrated by Shelli Paroline & Braden Lamb

This book is about how the universe started and follows a dot through the eras. It is fun finding the dots in some of the illustrations. You learn how evolution works and how history passes. It is a very fun way for kids to learn. It even ends with a timeline. The timeline is through now so in the future it may be wrong. Like when we get flying cars (my parents just rolled their eyes as they both work in auto industry).

I liked that every picture there was a dot. The illustrations are fun and helped explain the history.

I recommend this book for kids, well anyone, who wants to learn about the universe and how things started.

I give this book sixty five million stars since it goes back to dinosaurs.

Wow and this book won’t be released till April! You should add it to your preorder list.