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By David Biedrzycki

Book Source: bought at Book Beat

Book Status: available

Lil Brother here to tell you about a funny book that also teaches you Japanese words. In SumoKitty a stray kitten gets adopted by sumo wrestlers and takes care of their mice problem. But he eats too much and can’t chase the mice and gets kicked out. He was a very fat kitty. (One of our kitties is trying to be a SumoKitty)

He works at getting back in shape and earns his place back. On about every page is a new Japanese word to learn.

My cat is black. He is not a SumoKitty but he takes very good care of our foster kitties. I like anything with black cats in it.

This book is about not giving up and putting in hard work. It is about when you do something and stop trying hard. Then you have to try even harder.

Kids who like cats, Japanese and fun books will like this. I am going to read it to my cat everyday so he can be a SumoKitty.

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By Pat Shand, K. Lynn Smith and Jim Campbell

Book Source: purchased

Book Status: Available

This is a graphic novel about a big cat who glows. At first they banish the cat so the girl goes with her. They banish the cat because it was making a mess. The story is about what happens while they are banished.

People would like this because it is about a giant cat. The cat glows. Cats are awesome. None of my cats glow but I wish one did!

There is magical poop! That is probably why it is called Afterglow. I think Jarrett Lerner should read this. He likes books about poop and farts! I don’t think he has one about magical poop.

It about the relationship between a cat and it’s person. They can be magical. Dougie and I are the best of friends. I can’t imagine my life without him and I have only had him since June! I would like to go on a magical adventure with him but we are too young!

I really like the illustrations. They help tell the story.

Maybe older kids and adults will like this better. I am 8 and really liked it.

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On thin ice

By Christina Soontornvat

Book Source: purchased

Book Status: available

I have started reading books by myself and the Diary of an Ice Princess series books are really good ones. I can read it by myself and I enjoy them.

I just finished ON THIN ICE. It has a boy and penguins! And penguin playground. It is a book about how people can be cooler than you think they are.

This book is for all kids. Boys will like this series because the adventures are fun. There are funny lines in the books line dropping snow on heads! Just because Lina is princess doesn’t mean boys won’t like her. She has magic and that is cool.

This is a good book for kids learning to read by themselves. Dragons also like the books

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Kitten Kingdom Series

By Mia Bell

Book Source: received review copies of books 1 & 2

Book Status: available

This is PAW-fect! It is the firsts chapter books I read all by myself. I read the first book in the car in one day (roadtrip!).

The books are about Tabby and her brothers, Flex and Leo. They are kittens protecting their homes. One is black and that is my favorite because I have a black kitten too!

And now back to the book, they have a secret. They are the Whiskered Wonders. They are fighting against rats who dress up as dogs. And make smelly cheese that makes you fall asleep.

Some people may think these are girl books. But there is no such thing. Boys will like this series because it is knights but with kittens. It is exciting and you can’t predict what happens next.

I am still reading book 3 but I can’t wait for more Kitten Kingdoms.

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By Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Illustrations by Julius Csotonyi

Book Source: review copy provided by Media Masters Publicity

Book Status: Available

It is about the different prehistoric periods and what was alive during each time. There were a lot more time periods than I knew!

This book is easy to read. You can read about a period at a time. It would be good for a class studying dinosaurs. It is good for a kid who likes to read about read things.

One of the coolest things is on the back cover and identifies the living things in images.

There is also a glossary of the words and the illustrations are super cool. Like you want to pet the dinosaurs.

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The Great Indoors

Written by Julie Falatko

Illustrated by Ruth Chan

Book Source: gifted by Julie at NerdCampMi

Book Status: available

This is the story of animals on vacation. They rent a house and make huge messes. It is all kinds of different wild animals doing people things.

This is a very funny story. I think my cats act like this when we are not home. I wish I could teach my cat to brush his teeth (pee-you).

The funniest part is that the house is a human house and they were on vacation in the woods. When they came home it was all messed up. It is a good reminder not to mess up the outdoors because that is someone’s home.

Like when we cut the big tree in our backyard down they found a squirrels nest. They put the babies in a box for their mom. She came and got her babies. We felt bad about cutting down their home but the tree was very sick.

Spoiler: check the under the cover of this book. It has a surprise cover with twister!!

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Cat Science Unleashed by Jodi Wheeler-Toppen (Photography by Matthew Rakola)

Cat Breed Guide by Stephanie Warren Drimmer & Gary Weitzman DVM

Book Source: provided in exchange for fair review by Media Masters Publicity

Book Status: Available

When Bridget was offered these books for review, the answer was yes from me. I took them as soon as they came. Cats are my favorite. Cats RULE!

With Cat Science Unleashed, I learned fun things to do with my cat. I learned why my cat acts the way he does. I learned why cats usually land on their feet and how they fit in small spaces. This is a good book for kids who want to do things with their cats.

Cat Breed Guide teaches you about different types of cats. There are a lot more types of cats than I thought. I think my cat has some Bombay in him. We also have two tabby cats and one calico. One of our cats is even a miniature. All of our cats are short haired. They are all rescues!

This book is really interesting to learn about the different cats, their history and what makes them unique. They also make funny faces.

I recommend these books to kids who like cats or trying to pick a cat pet.