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By Kate Hannigan

Book Source: library

Book Status: available

I don’t remember who but one of my author friends was talking about how good this book was. When we saw it on library shelf, we grabbed it.

1. Superheroes are real. Oh and the girls are the superheroes.

2. It has graphic novel images mixed through out the book.

3. You learn about WW2 and the secret home jobs people held.

4. You learn about how people were discriminated based on where they were from. Kind of sad we still act this way.

5. There is a lot of adventure.

6. Their super powers are so cool. I don’t know which one I would want to be

7. A very diverse base of characters

8. If you like puzzles they are mixed into the book.

9. And Kate Hannigan has said she turned in book 2, so there is more to come.

10. This is the longest list I have written about a book. There is something in this book for everyone

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Words on Fire

By Jennifer A. Nielsen
Book Source: review copy provided

Book Status: Available

1. This book is about book smuggling and how young girls did it as we as old ladies.

2. This book is about the Russian invaders in Lithuania. It about how they banned Lithuanian books and the Lithuanian language.

3. It’s about the way smugglers were punished. ( Making railroads in Siberia )

4. It’s a fun way to learn history.

5. It’s about something other that WWII, WWI, Civil War, Revolutionary War, and the Cold War, that’s in war type topics.

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The curse of the werepenguin

By Allan Woodrow Illustrated by Scott Brown Book Source: purchased Book Status: available

1. This book is about a trained girl robber. THE best robber in the forest. Spoiler that is just really good fake advertising.

2. This book is about a boy who gets adopted by a 100 year old kid Baron. Yes, because that is going to work out well and doesn’t tell the reader something weird is going to happen.

3. This book is about a boy who get bitten by a 100 year old werepenguin-kid. Any guesses where he finds the werepenguin? Spoiler see point 2.

4. This book is about vampires werepenguins. Like hello, super cool idea. How did I not think about this?
5. This sets for a book 2. More werepenguin adventures!