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Erik Weibel

Erik interviewing Librarian of Congress, Carla Hayden

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  1. When you were my age (9), did you read a lot? OH yes! I have always been an avid reader. I started independently reading when I was three and ever since then, I have read anything and everything I could get my hands on. I typically have three or four books going at once.
  2. What was your favorite book? I am sure, being a book fan yourself, you know how hard a question that is! The book that I feel the most attachment to is Redwall by Brian Jacques. I forget how old I was when I read it, but the imagery Jacques creates and the depth of his characters made a huge impression on me. The quality of his writing is something I greatly admire.
  3. How did you get idea to start book blog at 9? Well, I actually had the idea when I was eight. At eight years old, my grandmom told me she was shopping for a book for me and didn’t know what to buy and a kid in the store told her to get me “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda”. He said it was a good book and that I would like it, so she bought it. Well, it is a good book and I did like it. I thought that if my grandmom would take the advice of a kid maybe “this kid” (me) could help other kids and grown-ups looking for books for kids, find books they like. So I announced to my parents that I was going to get a job at a newspaper and write book reviews for them because none of my friends at school really wanted to talk about books. Not wanting to discourage me (but also realizing newspapers probably won’t hire an eight year-old) my parents suggested starting a blog and by the time I got it up and running, I had turned nine.
  4. How have you kept it up so long? Blogs and school are hard to balance. It is a commitment, but so is playing sports or being in a club. I’ve been doing it so long it seems just like another part of my life. I guess I have learned ways to stream-line it too. I think the secret is, I love it. When you love something, it’s easy to do.
  5. What is coolest thing to happen because of your blog? Like who did you get to meet or what book did you get early? That’s a really hard one because I’ve got so many things I am very grateful for. Because I am a reviewer, I do get many ARCs to consider reviewing and the mail is like Christmas every day for me. As far as things I got to do, I’ve skyped to a grade-school class in Honduras and a children’s literature college class in Singapore as a guest speaker. I’ve traveled to all kinds of fantastic book festivals (I especially LOVE the National Book Festival in Washington DC – if you’ve never been, you have to go), got a job as a Scholastic Kid News Reporter, and, my original goal of writing for a newspaper, well they didn’t hire an 8-year-old, but they did hire a ten year-old! I landed a monthly column in the Upper Bucks Free Press after their content editor overheard me interviewing an author at a book signing. I wrote my first column when I was ten and I still am writing for them today. I also freelance for some other papers. I met so many wonderful people who have become mentors to me. Author Michelle Isenhoff encouraged me to finish writing and then helped me edit my first book, which I published when I was eleven. I’ve had a chance to publish poems and short stories in anthologies. All of this wouldn’t be possible without my blog. As far as people I’ve met, that again is something I am forever grateful for. Jude Watson was my first interview. She was so nice to me and was very encouraging. I’ve developed a close friendship with Eileen and Jerry Spinelli whom I met years ago. We are pen pals still today. I’ve met Rick Riordan (I totally forgot my questions for him I was so excited), Chelsea Clinton, Kate DiCamillo, and when I was a Scholastic Reporter I met and interviewed Carla Hayden and Michelle Obama. I’ve also met absolutely amazing editors and publicists and also pre-published and self-published authors. Really, the entire kid-lit community is just amazing. I am profoundly grateful to be a part of it.
  6. What authors do you really like? Any lesser known or new ones? Well I need like 40 pages for that but I will list some that come to mind. I already told you Brian Jacques, Rick Riordan is awesome, The Spinellis, Brandon Mull, Tom Angleberger, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Roland Smith, Gordon Korman, John David Anderson, Kate DiCamillo, Sandra Boynton, Gene Luen Yang, Lois Lowry, Christopher Paul Curtis, gosh I could keep going and going. As far as lesser known authors, a read a lot of self-published books and there are authors, I run across where I am amazed they do not have a publishing house scooping them up. Elise Stokes has a series “Cassidy Jones” that is A-MAZING! My mentor, Michelle Isenhoff has several historical fiction (one of my favorite genres) series that are wonderful. Also, many kids today don’t read classic authors and I think they should – Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne- Alexandre Dumas – kids probably have never heard of these authors and should know them!
  7. If you could portal into any book, what would it be? That’s easy – Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child! Maybe I could review food too!
  8. What do you want to be when you grow up? I am planning on going to school for engineering and also journalism. I am interested in how journalism is rapidly changing in today’s world and perhaps developing different platforms for media to be circulated from. I also plan to keep writing and reading. Maybe I’ll have my own publishing house. That would be cool.
Erik interviewing Chelsea Clinton about her book,  It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going!
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Meena meets her match

By Karla Manternach

Book Source: Owned

Book Status: Available

This book is about a girl named Meena who has a seizure. The Books starts out when she thinks everything is a contest. When she is making her president poster, she spaces out and scribbles on her paper and her teacher doesn’t even hear the teacher tell her to give it to her three times. Then she has seizure later and she goes to the hospital. One of the days before, her teacher tells them to make their valentines box. She starts by gluing candy wrappers on to her box. Because of the seizure, she is closely watched, with her parents watching her as she slept, (Creepy) and in school, kids go with her everywhere. (even the bathroom!!!😶😶) then– SPOILER ALERT 🚨 SPOILER ALERT 🚨 oops 😬😬

This book is unique because I haven’t read a book before with epilepsy in it or a kid facing such a big medical issue. Usually it is their sibling that is sick. It is different for it to be the main character.

This book could be the book for a kid dealing with a medical issue. There is also a big friendship issue which kids my age deal with a lot. I feel like it is a book for kids today – this is what life is like.

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Chicago Treasure

By Larry Broutman, Rich Green & John Rabias

Book Source: Provided for review purposes

Book Status: Available March 1, 2019

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This book is about, well, a million million million things, so, every page it either a story or a picture and they are super fun to read together with a younger sibling or adult, or just as a family. It has fun small stories, and poems. Each poem and story is a fractured fairytale, which means they are changed in a way to make it funny.

This book is unique because it’s laid out kinda like a newspaper booklet and it’s really cool because that.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes fractured fairytales, and like the book called The True Tale Of The Three Little Pigs.

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The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club

By Alex Bell

Illustrations by Tomislav Tomic

Book Source: Received in my OwlCrateJr

Book Status: Available

In the midst of a polar vortex, reviewing a book called The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club seems like chilly idea but this book is a really good adventure.

This book is about a girl named Stella Starflake Pearl who was found on the ice during an expedition whom her foster father was in. When Stella’s Birthday arrives, Felix, her foster father decides to take her on an expedition. BACKSTORY Felix is part of a explorers club called, drumroll please……………………………………..


So the club is crazy about mustachios, beards, and, other ridiculous things. It also, like all the clubs, strictly states that girls aren’t allowed to be explorers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!! But they finally get Stella on the ship. On the ship, Stella goes on deck in a storm to help with the wolves. When she is up there, she meets the Captain’s son who is a wolf whisperer. The pen breaks and they have to rescue all the wolves. Stella SPOILER ALERT 🚨 SPOILER ALERT 🚨 oops 😬

This is a good story about a girl who has to learn to tolerate an annoying boy, survive in the Arctic and making it back to the ship. So you get a friendship story and a survival story and some silliness (like savage cabbages) mixed in.

I think kids who like adventure, suspense, and survival on mint cakes

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The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

By Stephanie Burgis

Book Source: Owned

Book Status: Available

This book is about a dragon named Aventurine who’s family thinks she couldn’t survive and hour in the wilderness. When she sets of to prove them wrong, a food mage uses enchanted hot chocolate to turn her into a girl, and she goes on an adventure to try and get back to the family cave. But on the way, her grandpa flameballs her, and she decides to go to the big city the food mage told her about instead. On the way there, a lady named Greta finds her and takes her to the city. Don’t be fooled by her hospitality, she’s a very mean woman, trying to make Aventurine an unpaid maid for her house, doing all the work, and the only one there. But she loves chocolate soo much Aventurine escapes and try’s to get an apprenticeship to a chocolatier. The first two throw her out, but the last one, The Chocolate Heart, takes her in as an apprentice. The Chocolate Heart has a bad reputation for firing apprentices very quick because the owner, Marina makes quality more important than look. But Aventurine is not fired at all because she does exactly what is told and is rather fond of the owner. A little after she arrives at the city, a girl name Silke comes to her to help her get enough money to get nicer clothes. First they cut her long hair, then using the money she got from her hair cut, she got a nice dress that had color instead of the other peoples clothes ( they dressed like trees apparently) and some nice red boots. But when the king and the two princesses come in incognito, Marina and Horst ( they’re kinda like an unmarried pair) have an argument about how to make what the royals ordered they leave and Aventurine and Silke are left to make the order. 2 problems occur during the time the royals are there. The first one is that Aventurine has never made the order before, and the second one is that when the royals get their order, two people of the Lord Mayor come in and spin tales of mold by the oven, cockroaches in the chocolate cupboard, and other other disgusting lies. Ok I have to stop because if I don’t I’ll tell the whole story. 😬😬😬😬

This book is unique because usually it’s the girl that gets turned into the dragon and it’s a spell that transforms them not a dragon turned into a girl by enchanted hot chocolate.

I found it on my bookshelf and have had it for a while. It took me two days to read this. I am glad I waited to read it till now!

Kids who like adventure and fantasy stories will like this.

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Motley Education

motley education (2)

Written by S.A. Larsen

Book Source: Owned

Book Status: Available

While visiting my grandparents in Maine, my grandmother lent me a book by a local author to read. I didn’t finish that book but made note of the author’s name. When I visited Kim at South Portland Library, she had book marks signed by the very same author. I took it as a sign I needed to read S.A. Larsen books. When we got home, my mom got me Motley Education on her tablet.

This book is about a girl named Ebony, Ebony goes to a school for kids who can communicate and see spirits or make potions, so essentially a dark magic school…. in Maine! Ebony is not a very good student plus her dad is like the superintendent or something. Let’s just say kids who have issues at school will totally get Ebony. She is also know for some “weird” behaviors like using sign language to communicate with spirits which make her stand out from the other kids. So a kid who feels like they don’t belong will like Ebony.

The chain of events is a kid goes missing, Ebony uses a school project to open a magic door to trolls/fire giants and stuff like that, she meets a kid who is controlled by an evil spirit and she gets attacked by a fire giant. Doesn’t this sound like a school you want to go to? No, I am not so sure either but it sure is fun reading about it. It is exciting to see the book is also noted as Book 1 so there should be more adventures.

So if you have middle grade readers like me, this is a super fun fantasy book. I really liked the use of Norse Mythology in the story. I like mythology and like it when authors use mythology in a story. It is a neat way to introduce kids to mythology in a fun way. So if you are interested in mythology this could be a book for you.

If you like spooky books, this could be your book. So maybe everyone could find a reason to read this.

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Dragons eat noodles on Tuesday

By Jon Stahl

Illustrated by Tadgh Bentley

Book Source: provided by Scholastics for review

Book Status: available March 26, 2019

So this book just showed up at my house the other day and I loved it. It also has the very important schedule of dragon eating. So on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, people better stay inside. Monsters need to avoid Wednesdays. Savage cabbages should hide on Sundays. Tuesdays are noodle day which this noodle loving kid is fully on board with.

But besides that its really about how people make up stories as they go along. It’s silly because it is how people tell stories. Kind of like when your parents tell you the two sentence story to get you to bed. “Once upon a time there was a kid named Bridget. She went to bed. The end”

This can be a fun read aloud story. I am going to spoil the ending because it could scare a kid – the monsters realize it is not Tuesday, it is Wednesday so they get eaten by the dragon. It does set up for a second book of how they get out of the dragon’s stomach.

So with that in mind, this is a great fun book. I like it when surprise books show up! Now to go set up noodles for tomorrow’s dragon visit!