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Ban this book

By Alan Gratz

Book Source: borrowed from library

Book Status: available

I was not sure about this book at first because it seemed so similar to Property of the Rebel Librarian. But I loved it. For me this was such a better book. I might even re-read it.

Five reasons why I think kids will like this

1. It is about a girl causing good trouble

2. It is about betrayal and being forced into an unwinable position

3. It is about books and people trying to censor what kids read. And we know I am not a fan of that

4. The kids use grown up logic against the grown-ups. That is pretty fun

5. This was book was so worth staying up all night to finish. I thought I got away with it but my parents called my bluff pretty quick. But it was that good of a book.

Bonus: I liked this better of two books but I think Rebel Librarian would just as good a book for class to discuss censorship. It is nice to have two book choices for a class.

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The Panda Problem

By Deborah Underwood

Illustrated by Hannah Marks

Book Source: borrowed from my library

Book Status: available

Deborah Underwood was my very first author interview. That makes her very special to me. I try to read all her books and put a hold on this one at my library. I have a hold on her other recent book too 😘.

Now on to five reasons this panda is not a problem

1. It is a really funny book with the Panda talking back to you the entire time

2. It rains jelly beans

3. They sail to Antarctica which means they see penguins. The penguins are not impressed by the panda

4. There are aliens

5. This would be an awesome book to read out loud especially if you do voices for each character.

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Dragons from Mars go to School

By Deborah Aronson

Illustrated by Colin Jack

Book Source: gifted to me by author to review

Book Status: available

Deborah lives near me and offered to drop her newest book off. Her timing was perfect as Lil’ Brother and I were making posters for the school supply drive Mom will be running at work. Deborah’s newest book has her Dragons from Mars going to school!

1. This book would be good for kids getting ready to go back to school.

2. It shows how people can be mean and how using your words can help change the situation.

3. The dragons are still wicked silly.

4. Deborah does a great job with her rhymes. Some make you really think.

5. This would be a fun book for an older kid to read to a younger class especially at the beginning of school. Like a fifth grader to kindergartners.

And hey since we are talking about back to school. Did you know a lot of schools do back to school drives? We have helped Mom with one for seven years. The supplies go to my school district where over 50% of the kids get free or reduced lunch. Donating supplies takes the pressure of parents and teachers.

If you can help a school with supplies it is great and easy to do. You can buy school supplies for super cheap the next few weeks.

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Max and the Magic Sailboat

By Axel Behn

Book Source: Provided in exchange for a fair review

Book Status: available

1. The book explains some things that are different in China from the US.

2. I am not sure I like how it points how things on China seem strange to an American and not how things Americans do could be strange to them.

3. This book could lead to a discussion with kids about how things we think are strange are normal to others. And the other way around.

4. The illustrations are interesting. They look like old pictures that were printed now. But they also look like illustrations.

5. Maybe this book would inspire a kid to learn more about China or other cultures.

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The itty-bitty witch

By Trisha Speed Shaskan

Illustrated by Xindi Yan

Book Source: gifted to me by author

Book Status: Available July 16, 2019

Trisha is an author I met through another author, Aimee Bissonnette. Though after meeting, I found books by Trisha already on my bookshelf. She shared with me a copy of her newest book out next week. Here are reasons why kids will like it

1. It is about a witch and we like books about them

2. It is about bullying. A book like this can be useful for a little kid who is dealing with that.

3. It is also about determination and trying hard even when you feel bad.

4. It is a picture book so perfect for younger kids and classroom reading. It would be a good way to have a class discussion about name calling and being mean to other kids.

5. Even though it is about a witch, it is not a Halloween book. It could be read any time of the year.

6. The illustrations are really fun and detailed.

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The boy in the big blue glasses

By Susanne Gervay & Marjorie Crosby-Fairall

Book Source: provided in exchange for fair review

Book Status: available July 9, 2019

Four reasons why kids might like this book:

1. It is a good book for little kids when they first get glasses.

2. Sometimes people say things to make people feel better, but it doesn’t. The grown-ups keep saying they don’t recognize him in his glasses. That scares him

3. The illustrations when he doesn’t have his glasses on are interesting. He sees fish and penguins instead of kids and teacher.

4. It is a good picture book about being nice to kids. One girl makes fun of him and it makes him sad.

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It’s your world now

By Barry Falls

Book Source: review copy provided by Media Masters Publicity

Book Status: Available July 30, 2019

BTW this is the 800th post on my blog!!!

This book came in my recent package from Media Masters Publicity. You see them as a book source a lot here. They really do represent a lot of good books. I really like getting their inquiry emails because it is like opening a present.

Now the reasons why this book is a must have

1. It tells you the truth that people are going to say don’t try, you will fail and just in general be negative.

2. It also tells you to do whatever you want.

3. It is a big long poem that is so much better of you read it out loud. I would love to see Emily Arrow make a song about it.

4. The illustrations are really cool and creative. I really like the style.

5. This is one of the books to show that picture books are for everyone. A little kid can’t read this alone. It made Mom cry because so sweet.

I really really think you all need to order this!