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Wow in the World 

Wow in the World is a new podcast by Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas. I know them from Kids Place Live and met both last summer!  They are super funny in real life. I had to help Guy with his Penguin facts though.

The podcast has them sharing interesting facts in a way that kids will like. For instance, they had a picnic in a landfill. I bet they really weren’t but you have fun pretending they are.  

Kids are really curious and this show helps them. I like to listen in the morning while eating breakfast. I wish there were more episodes already! I guess this also teaches patience.

I recommend this podcast to kids and parents a like! I give it an infinite number of stars!

Chloe’s Friendship Circle has a funny interview with Mindy and they talk about the show.

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Super Happy Party Bear Dance Playlist

Today’s Friday Funny is my own Super Happy Party Bear Dance Playlist. I love dance parties and so do the Party Bears. So let’s have a Friday Dance Party.  Just know before my parents found Kids Place Live, we listened to their playlists. Now we mostly listen to kid’s music but some songs are still favorites.

We start our playlist with Get this Party Started (Shirley Bassey version).

2. Dancing in the kitchen by Tim Kubart

3. I don’t feel like dancin’ by Scissor Sisters

4. Jump Around by House of Pain (Dad says I have always loved this song and would bounce to it as a baby)

5. Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake (I can’t wait for this movie to come out. What about you?)

6. Dancing Queen by ABBA

7. Breakfast Club by Tim Kubart (you try not loving his stuff)

8. Really don’t care by Postmodern Jukebox (Annoying Little Brother was Tambourine Guy for Halloween last year. Did you know Tim Kubart is Tambourine Guy?)

9. What does the fox say by Ylvis (Annoying Little Brother made us listen to this a lot before he found Tim Kubart)

10. We are the dinosaurs (dance remix) by Laurie Berkner

PS. Want a hint about my Halloween costume this year? I am reusing pieces of last year’s costume


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Friday Funny with Tori Kerr

When I was in Washington, DC, I met Tori, the producer for Kids Place Live. She is really funny and cool, so I asked her questions. I learned we love the same music..


Social media/website: Kids Place Live on Facebook, @kidsplacelive on Twitter and Instagram (Mindy and I both update all our platforms)

Tell me about yourself: I work for SiriusXM in Washington, DC, specifically for Kids Place Live and Radio Classics (a channel exclusively for old-time radio shows). In my free time I love to read (lots of mystery novels) and cuddle with my dog, a little red miniature pinscher named Nala!

How long have you been in radio? 2 years professionally plus 3 years of hosting a college radio show.

How did you get into it? College radio! I joined WRGW at George Washington University and fell head over heels in love with it. I had a music show for three years where I played a wide variety of music. I also oversaw all our music shows as the station’s Music Director. I found SiriusXM at an internship fair and interned here with the Folk music channel (The Village!!) for a summer when I was in college, then when I graduated Mindy and Kenny hired me full-time on Kids Place! It’s been a dream come true ever since.

What is the best part of being on a kids show? We never stop laughing. Every day at work feels like hanging out with our friends and having fun. The kid listeners inspire us to be more creative and positive, which in turn helps us create content that kids and their families will truly enjoy. Also, we get to listen to, and earnestly debate, songs about farts.

Can you recommend a new musician I should check out? I am obsessed with Andrew & Polly right now. I think they appeal to adults, kids, adults with kids and adults without kids! I recommend them to my other 20-something friends who don’t even have kids and we’re all hooked on A&P! Since I met them through KPL, they were kind enough to put me in the liner notes for their new album, which is a first for me! Their new album comes out at the end of September. (Bridget note: I love Andrew & Polly too! I am going to go eat Grapes)

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Pirates on the Farm


by Denette Fretz

Illustrated by Gene Barretta

Warning: Annoying Little Brother has taken over this blog and has locked me in my closet so he has to do this review ( haha, not really but this is pirate related so letting him do it)

I like this book. It is about Pirates on a farm. They are silly farmers. They think they are sea but they are on shore. They make funny neighbors.

The boy and his family help the pirates but mom is afraid of the pirates at first. It all works and the pictures are funny.

download (1)

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Monsters Eat Whiny Children


By Bruce Eric Kaplan

My mom made me read this book. She says I am whiny some days. I hated this book because I think I am not whiny. It’s true. Don’t believe Mom.

Ok, I didn’t really hate the book. I just don’t like Mom saying I am whiny.

This book is about whiny children who get captured by monsters. The monsters want to eat the whiny children but they keep fighting over how they will eat the children. One wants to eat a whiny children sandwich. Another wants whiny children soup. And one wants whiny child burgers.  More monsters have an opinion on this and they just can’t make a decision. By the time they do, the children have run away [OOPS, SPOILER].

The children swear they will not be whiny again, but the books says they are.

I recommend this to whiny children (Mom says this is all children). I bet parents would like this, especially whiny parents. Actually parents will like it more than the kids. It is a funny book.

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The Angry Little Puffin

By Timothy Young

Warning: This is not a book about a penguin. Seriously! It is about a puffin. They are different animals. They are polar opposites! Penguins live at the South Pole/Antartica and puffins live towards the north pole. So real polar opposites!

This book is educational about the differences between penguins and puffins.  For instances, puffins can fly! I don’t mean to spoil stuff but there is a point in the book when the puffin says “Do you know what would happen if I jumped off this cliff?”  Well, do you?

There is a penguin easter egg in the book. There are all kinds of penguins books & movies in a picture. The best part is identifying the covers. [Bridget note: There is Salina Yoon on the page. This is how I found out about the book.] [2nd Bridget note: I have read or watched every thing on those pages except the made up Puffin Comic] [3rd Bridget note: I think we should have a Puffin comic, so puffin could be happy]

I simply recommend this book to everyone!