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the great quarantine of 2020

Day 12

Lil Brother today! Bridget fell asleep before posting last night so I am going to share how Day 12 went. Day 12 was first day

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Day 11

I had a hard time focusing on school work today. I have a lot done already but really need to work on my essay. My

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Day 10

Nothing too major happened today. Lots of staying at home, playing on the computer and being bored. Jumanji 2 is super funny.

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Day 9

Today was much better. One meltdown but that was it. I started the morning with my blog post. Some of my author and librarian friends

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Day 8

I didn’t post this yesterday because 1 I slept alot, 2 I was in a pissy mood, and 3, everybody was on edge. But yesterday

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Day 7

I could start this with “I’m bored” but I need refocus my energy. Positive things from today – I went on two longer bike rides.

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