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Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes

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By Jonathan Auxier

This is a guest review/Bridget review.

Bridget: Peter Nimble is a blind boy.  In this story he gets a pair of fantastic eyes.  One, the onyx one, turns Peter into the last animal he touches.  He thinks he should never touch a snake, or he won’t be able to get the eyes back out!

SPOILER ALERT!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!!My favorite part is when he finds out that he is the true heir to the Kingdom of Hazelport, Prince Noname.

Guest reviewer Alex:  My favorite part is when he used his bare hand to defeat the armor that the imposter king was wearing.  He hurt his hand so badly it couldn’t be fixed so it had to be replaced with a silver fishhook that he uses as a sword!

Both: We think that people who like kingdoms and fighting and adventures and Dungeons and Dragons would like this book.

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Grandfather Whisker’s Table

By Eun-Jeong Jo

Illustrated by Bimba Landmann. 

Review by Westley.

This story is about a little boy and his dad a long time ago.  The little boy buys a toy for his baby brother.  The dad goes to one of the first bankers and the little boy ask the banker to hold his toy for his baby brother so he doesn’t lose it at the Palio di Siena horse race.  Then he loses the receipt to get the toy back!

I liked when he lost the receipt and the banker gave back the toy even though he didn’t have the receipt since it was a present for his baby brother.  I like the pictures and the artwork because they were pretty.  They had lots of detail.

I think people who like history would like this book.   This is a story about a time that was real, but the people aren’t real.

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Book by Louis Sachar

Reviewer: Cameron 

This book is about a boy who gets sent to a place for getting blamed for stealing some famous shoes. The place is called Green Lake. The boys have to dig holes which is suppose to build character. Each hole must be five feet deep and five feet wide. If they find anything interesting, they show it to the warden. If she likes it, she gives them the day off.

I would recommend the book to kids who like an adventurous book.

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The Stampede with Penny the Mustang Pony

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Author: Barbara Knight

Reviewer:  Kirsten

Summary of the story: It was a bright sunny day in August with a clear blue sky, when Penny awoke. Penny began to roll in the soft, sweet-smelling grass. Penny thought about joining her herd when she heard a strange nose by the river.

What did I like? When Penny heard the strange noise.

Overall review love this book and everybody in the world should read this book

Who else might enjoy this story?  Kids who are adventurous and who love horses and who love to read.

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Young Helen Keller

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Author: Anne Benjamin

Reviewer:  Annabelle

Summary of the story:  This is a story about a girl named Helen Keller  who’s blind, deaf, and could not talk.  Then she started to hit and kick people and once Helen even pushed her baby sister, Mildred, out of her cradle.  Then Annie came to live with the Keller family to help Hellen Keller.  She helped Helen learn to talk and do sign language.  

What did I like? I really liked this story because it’s a real story, and it’s a good story because it’s about a girl who is a super sweet girl, but is deaf, blind, and cannot talk.  

Overall review: this is the best book ever no wonder I read this book so many times.  

Who else might enjoy this story? Blind kids .


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The True Story of the Little Pigs

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As told to: Jon Scieszka

Illustrated by Lane Smith

Reviewer: Haven

Summary of the story: This story is the story the wolf told Jon Scieszka.  The wolf was sick and he was looking for a cup of sugar, but no one gave him one.
What did I like? He eats 2 pigs!

Overall review: it’s a good book

Who else might enjoy this story? Hunter and anyone who likes the 3 little pigs!