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Day 6

Today was another sleep late start to the day. I am enjoying starting days on my terms.

Today was also pretty boring. I had nothing to do! Even riding around my neighborhood was kind of boring!!! I did some work and my dad was home in the morning, but then my mom came.

I am getting through my school work quickly. I think I am finishing a book each day.

Tomorrow I have my first virtual therapy appointment. I think that will help.

I am feeling isolated from everyone. Our school system isn’t set up for us to chat so I haven’t really talked with any classmates. It is very weird.

Tonight we ordered food from a local restaurant just to help them out. It isn’t one we usually go to do that was fun. We are watching a movie tonight. It is a nice distraction.

Day 6 is boring…

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Days 4 &5

I fell asleep yesterday before posting so it is a double day.

Day four was our first attempt at Mom working from home and Lil Brother and I doing school. We started trying that super scheduled day that went around the internet. (Spoiler it didn’t work)

Lil Bro and I made Legos, rode our bikes, read books (well I did) and I did some school work. At the rate I am going, I will be done with sixth grade before I ever start.

I think yesterday went pretty well for me. My meltdowns are reducing. I was really tired and fell asleep very quickly after the one meltdown I had.

Day five : I slept in.. like till 9am. I never do that but it was so nice.

While I was asleep, Mom reworked our schedule. Instead of structured time, we get tokens for 30 minutes of time. There is academic, active, creative, free and computer time. There are more tokens for some than others. Mom says we can be in control of our day this way.

For the first day, I think the tokens work well. I like having some control over my life. I did spend time reading reports Mr Schu shared for my essay. I hope to get more responses for survey and I need to send out my interview questions.

We also are participating in Dan Santa’s Dandemic program. Today we had to sit still for 20 minutes. That is hard but it was distracting.

Today was also Lil Bro’s birthday. It was hard for him to celebrate when we are not allowed near anyone. He did his best and even got some school work done with Mom this evening.

He and his cat went for a walk. Yes his cat doesn’t mind the leash. His cat caught his nail wrong and we had to rush him to the vet. Lil Bro and I stayed in the car while Mom got him fixed. Now Lil Bro’s cat is sporting an orange bandage for a few days.

Now we are finishing our day with some screen time and then books. I think I am getting more use to this crazy situation. It is still scary.

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Day Three

The boredom has set in. It is a good thing I don’t have to pay every time I say “I am bored.” I would be broke.

We started the day with some activity sheet from Jarrett Lerner . Ours had a consistent theme.

I am sure the humor will be gone soon. But these sheets kept us busy for a bit. I did some other crafting while Mom helped Lil Bro with his First Communion prep. God must have a sense of humor because his prep story was the Dishes and Loaves one.

I went for a bike ride outside. I can’t go to my training track 😭 but want to stay fit. I rode my bike around the neighborhood. It was quiet. It was also first outside ride since I started track cycling. I definitely noticed riding is different this year.

We played on our computers and with Legos. I also watched TV. Tomorrow I will have school work to do so today was trying to have fun.

We aren’t watching the news. My parents also reached out to my therapist about doing some virtual sessions. That makes me feel better.

I had a few meltdowns today. It feels like there is nothing to do and this seems endless. I have a hard time believing things will be better in April.

I am finishing my day with a pillow fort and board game. Also will get some reading in..

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Day Two

I am going to write a little each day about how my day went. If you are curious how kids with anxiety are dealing with Covid and isolation, I might be able to lend you a small peak. I will also still be doing book reviews…unless I run out of books.

On Thursday, school was cancelled for Friday. Even later that night our state shut schools till April 6th. I am out until April 13th due to Spring Break. That is 30 days away.

We splurged on legos, books and crafts. I am going to have to learn how to slow my use of these.

I am also an asthma kid so under extra caution. Mom and Dad are also trying to figure out how to work during all of this.

I am going to be honest and I had two meltdowns today. I just don’t know how anyone can handle this. It feels so unknown. I prefer to understand things. This is hard.

Oh yeah and our cats are sick.

Day 2: disaster