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Rosie, A Detroit Herstory

Book review by Elena

Do you know what women did when men went to fight in World War II? They said: “We can do it!”  I got this book Rosie, A Detroit Herstory by Bailey Sisoy Isgro from Wayne State University Press. It explains what the women meant when they said that.

In April 1939, Germans crossed over Poland’s territory line. President Franklin D.  Roosevelt wanted America to help out. So, as men were sent off to war to fight against Germany, someone needed to fill in their jobs. Those someones were women! Women invented new ways get the factory job done, like rolling on roller skates to retrieve parts faster. This inspired women today to be just like the icon, Rosie the Riveter, who said to all women in America, “We can do it!” You HAVE to read the book to find out what happened after men came back from war.

This story was written in a poetic and rhythmic way. It made the story flow smoothly. The illustrations were really cool and stood out a lot.  I  noticed how the artist, Nicole Lapointe,  would color something important and then put other things in a shadow on some pages. And I really loved the last illustration that showed that today women can be anything they dream of. The photo had such a diverse group of women!
I loved that this book was a history lesson for me. I learned about Detroit and I also learned a lot of new words like luftwaffe, Axis powers and isolationist. I also learned the word Nazi. It’s a scary and sad word.

I recommend this book to anyone who needs to know there is no such thing as “the wrong sex” and everyone should be accepted to do anything, no matter the gender.

I give this book 4 out 4 roses.


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How I Halloween!

At the beginning of October, I went to Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo during a thunder & lightning storm! I still had fun but no pictures!

My favorite Halloween event is Cranbrook Institute of Science Halloween Science event. I have gone for a couple years. It is fun to do science projects! I even ate an ant!

Mom and I both dressed as deer for this event!

Lil Bro and I carved huge pumpkins.

And on Halloween, I happily trick or treated!

We like the TV show THE GOOD PLACE so went with that idea. I am a cactus file from Janet glitch!

As a food allergy kid (plus braces), I just enjoy the activity. I give Dad all my allergy candies (and now chewy ones) to take to work.

At our house, we gave out books, stickers, tattoos and glow sticks! The books were really popular and lots of people thanked us for the little library! Yea books!

I finished my night by reading MONSTER MAYHEM.

It is a fun graphic novel with a girl as the lead! I really enjoyed it and recommend it. Thank you Penguin Kids for sharing the book with me (and the candy)!

Curious what other Penguin reviewers did. Check out previous post by Team Starburst 

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JA White

Author website/social media:
Twitter: @jawhitebooks
Instagram: @jawhitebooks
Tell me a little about yourself:
I’m the author of The Thickety series and Nightbooks, all published by Katherine Tegen Books.  I’ve also been a teacher for 20 years! My wife and I live in New Jersey with our three sons: Jack (16), Logan (10), and Colin (8).   My favorite dessert is pumpkin pie, and I’m really bad at fixing things around the house.
  1. When you were my age did you like to read?
I was a VORACIOUS reader!  My parents took me to the library every Saturday morning and I used to come back with piles of books.  I would then sit on my bedroom floor and read until it was dark out!
2.  What was your favorite story?
Such a tough question!   I liked anything scary (no surprise there), but also fantasy, fairy tales, and mystery novels.  I used to especially love the Prydain novels of Lloyd Alexander and a mystery series called The Three Investigators.  
3. How do you get your ideas?  How do you write spooky vs. scary?
Some of my ideas come out of the blue during times when I let my brain wander, like during my commute to work.  Other ideas take a little work, and I have to sit at my computer and try out some bad ideas before figuring out a good one.  I think “spooky” is more like the tone of a story, and I usually convey that through the setting and description. “Scary,” to me, is when a character is in peril.  There are only a few scary parts in my books, but they pretty much have a spooky tone at all times!
4.  How does being a teacher help your writing?

I write about children, so it definitely helps that I’m around kids all day.  I hear how they talk and see how they act, so that (hopefully) helps me create more realistic characters.  Another part of my job is reading lots of children’s novels, so I always stay immersed in that world.


5. What author do you like right now?

I think Jonathan Auxier is a splendid writer.  I’ve just begun his new one–Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster–and it’s top notch, as always.  Kate DiCamillo and Katherine Applegate are always sure bets as well.

6. Do you have any new or lesser known authors you would suggest?
John Bellairs.  He might not be as well known to children since he wrote a long time ago, but hopefully the recent film version of The House with a Clock in its Walls will help young readers discover his novels.  I’ve been re-reading his books recently, and I like them every bit as much as when I first read them as a child.
7. What advice do you have for a kid who wants to be an author?

Read, read, read.  Not just novels–short stories, too, since that’s what you’ll be writing at the start.  And make sure you write every single day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. It’s like exercise!

8.  As an author, do you hear from your readers?  What do you like about that?

Social media is great for interacting with readers, and I’m also lucky enough to get emails as well. It’s especially touching when the email comes from somewhere far away, like England or Australia.  I’m always flattered when any reader takes the time to reach out and contact me, because that means they really loved something I wrote.  That makes all that hard work worth it!

9.  If you could portal into any book, what book would it be?

It definitely wouldn’t be one of my books–too scary!  I’d have to say Harry Potter. It’s such a rich and varied world, and I’d love to explore it.  (But only if I get to be in Ravenclaw

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Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows

By Jacqueline West

Book Source: Borrowed from Library

Book Status: available

This book is about a girl who finds some spectacles which alow her to go into the paintings on the walls of her new house. She gos into her favorite painting long after her discovery on a night she is left alone and let’s out a lady in it and she tries to get a pendent of her and then tries to let out her evil grandpa!

This book is unique because there aren’t many books about magical glasses! If I could go into a painting it would be……. a Voltron watercolor that I got from ComiqueCon!a

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Lilac Skully

Written by Amy Cesari

Book Source: owned (third Gifted to me by author)

Book Status: Available

This Book is about a girl who lives in a mansion infested with ghosts who are known as: Fredrick “mr fright”, Milly ” little girl ghost”, Archie and Bram “the Butler ” so her father goes missing and when she tries to do a seance to get rid of the ghosts Mr fright gets mad and starts shaking the door some strange people break in that night that apparently want to kidnap the ghosts so they work together to stop the people but mr fright won’t cooperate until the end of the book– SPOILER ALERT!!!! SPOILER ALERT!!!! 😬 oops.

This book is unique because most books that include ghosts are about the people fighting them, not befriending themb.

Plus there are two more books in the series to enjoy!

okay I’m updating this review so the other books are featured. On with the review:

Lilac Skully 2

This book is about Lilac breaking into Black, Black, and Gremory and finding her dad, ( she doesn’t rescue him though!) riding A ghost carriage to get there and getting kidnAped to the under world.

This book is unique because : same as first one.

Lilac Skully 3

This book is about Lilac making friends and going to an amusement park where she finds Black, Black, and Gremory trying too kidnap every single ghost in the amusement park. You also get to know what The Blue Lady did to her sister Astrid ( Lady o’ lightning, light house ghost.).

This book is unique because: same as first one.

Ummm totally can’t wait for #4. Amy, if you need a reviewer for it, I am your gal!

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The Day You Begin

By Jacqueline Woodson

Illustrated by Rafael Lopez

Book Source: Gifted by my from Kim Campbell

Book Status: Available

This book is about when you go to a new school and you’re different, be who you are.

This book is unique because it is A book about being yourself on the first day of school. Most books are about either fitting in perfectly or how to survive school.

I like this book because it is diverse characters. This is a picture book for big kids. It could be used in a class for a lesson on differences but that is okay.