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Day 13

First things first, I will start posting these in the morning. you will see yesterday on these, but they will refer to the day I’m posting about! Now on with the review!!!

Ok, so yesterday was a little bumpy on the emotional road, but it was great otherwise! My cat, Rebel was extra, and I mean EXTRA, snuggly, so I spent a lot of time cuddling her! She’s sooooooooooooo cute I just can’t help it!!!! I did some school work, walked a loooooong walk, and played a little Roblox!

One weird thing is just I’m not into my books! It’s sooooooooooooo weird right? That’s all, see ya tommorow!!

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The Derby Daredevils

By Kit Rosewater

Illustrated by Sophie Eacabasse

Book Source: review copy provided in exchange for review

Book Status: Available

1. The girl rides in the roller derby! I am a big fan of girls doing unusual sports.

2. The girl needs to have 3 more people to race in the derby league! (She has a bestie with her already)

3. It teaches you that your friend can have friends other than you and still be your bestie!!

4. I think that this book is a good book and that it has a lot of Girl Power

5. It teaches you to get a long with other people that you wouldn’t usually get along with!

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Day 12

Lil Brother today! Bridget fell asleep before posting last night so I am going to share how Day 12 went.

Day 12 was first day of Michigan Shelter in Place. Dad was home so he was our teacher. I got my work done quickly.

Mom had a call so we went on a scavenger hunt walk. We found everything but a worm and a dandelion. It is not the right time of year for those.

We have also been doing the 30 days of Legos challenge.

We spend a lot of time chatting with our cousins and friends. That is fun.

I am reading The Wild Robot with Mom. Maybe I will review soon.

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Day 11

I had a hard time focusing on school work today. I have a lot done already but really need to work on my essay.

My state is shutting down tonight. That means Dad will be home. Mom has promoted him to Head Teacher. She gets to be Principal since she is still working a lot. I think having Dad home will help because Mom can focus on work and he can focus on us.

I spent a lot of time goofing off this evening with my cousins and my bff. We are having fun with Messenger Kid. It is a nice distraction.

I am also going to read a lot more. I don’t know what else I can do…

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The Wolf of Cape Fen

By Juliana Brandt

Book Source: copy provided for review

Book Status: Available April 7, 2020

1. The wolf (of Cape Fen) is not an actual wolf! It’s a ghost/immortal/spirit/poltergeist! Basically it’s a wolf you can’t touch or kill, but it can kill you! Wow. There’s no way out of that one…

2. The girls mom left them in a magical bargain with Baron Dire…..

3. You know when the bad guy is just misunderstood? Think about that with Baron Dire!

4. The girl and her sister start to turn into animals!!

5. This book is just realllllllllllly good!

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Day 9

Today was much better. One meltdown but that was it.

I started the morning with my blog post. Some of my author and librarian friends responded and we had some silliness. Jarrett is planning FART Camp so we had fun with that. I also talked with my cousins. That helped a lot. I realized I need to talk to people other than Mom and my brother or Dad.

Today was also a down day. Lil Bro and I played on our computers a lot. Mom sewed and Dad was at work. In the afternoon I went for a bike ride and then we watched Onward. I had a pasty from Houghton for dinner. Mom brought them home from her trip last week.

It seems my days will be up and down. Cases of COVID are getting more common here. Mom got an email from my school district of one positive case and one pending. The scary part is the people were at both of our schools. The case at mine was after shutdown but the one at Lil Bro’s may have exposed people during drop-off/pick-up.

This new normal is hard to adjust to. It seems things are changing daily. I know some people are in states completely shutdown. I don’t know what Michigan will do but I don’t think we are going back to school anytime soon.