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And Condors Danced

by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

The past few weeks I have been reading this chapter book. This was one of my mom’s favorite books when she was a kid and I borrowed her copy.

The story is about a girl in California a long time ago. The cover says 1907. Her family moved from Maine to run her aunt’s ranch. Carly is adventurous and curious and gets into trouble some times. She really likes Sherlock Holmes. ┬áThere is a feud between her family and another and the book talks about how she deals with it.

I like Carly of course. I am seeing a trend that I like adventurous, curious girls! It was interesting learning about life in 1907. I will probably read this again when I am older because I might understand some parts of the story better.

This isn’t really a second grade solo reading book. You could read it with your parents to explain parts of it. Older kids would like the book and learning about 1907.