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Mighty Jack and the Goblin King

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By Ben Hatke

Thanks for coming back or visiting for the first time. I am excited to be an official part of the promotion for this book. I met Ben back in the spring!


In this book, Jack and Lilly traveling to another world with giants and goblins and other creatures. He went to rescue his sister who was kidnapped by giants. It turns out the goblins are good and the giants are bad. All our worlds are connected and the giants are blocking the doors, so you can’t get between them.  Lilly gets hurt but is saved by the goblins. She becomes half goblin and the king! Haha – you thought Jack was going to be the king. I did too, but thanks, for being tricky and keeping the girl the hero.

The most exciting thing is learning all of Ben’s worlds are connected, even Zita!  All kinds of characters from other books make an appearance. As a kid, you hope that imaginary worlds connected. It means they could be connected to the real one.

I think this means Ben could have a lot of fun with future books.  Lilly and Zita save the world and then go visit Julia! Could this mean they are connected to Cleopatra and Amulet! That would be sooo exciting! Hey, Ben, Mike and Kazu, I know you all know each other – so can you do something like this?

Definitely a fun book. Fantasy lovers will enjoy this. My cousins, my grandfather, my brother and I all enjoyed this! If you haven’t pre-ordered this, you need to get it!


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Mighty Jack

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By Ben Hatke

This is a story about a boy getting seeds and growing a garden. He takes care of his sister while their mother works. In fact, they traded their mother’s car for the seeds. (The sister did but he got in trouble for it).  They make friends with a girl in the neighborhood. She is very skilled at sword fighting. It seems like a cool but weird skill for a kid. As their garden grows, strange things happen like dragons and vegetables throwing mud at you.

The book ends with a cliffhanger. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait long for the next book. It comes out on Tuesday and my review is tomorrow. (Come back for it)

But back to this one, I really liked it.  I like that the girl is strong.  I like Ben’s illustrations.

I recommend this to kids that like Renaissance fairs, magic and weird stuff. If you like Cleopatra in Space, you would like this.


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Julia’s House for Lost Creatures

By Ben Hatke

Julia’s house arrives in town by the edge of the sea (spoiler alert: it’s on a turtle).  It is a really nice house but it is lonely. Julia makes a sign and soon it’s not lonely anymore. Then there is more trouble and another sign. That fixes most of her trouble but she needs one more to fix the last issues.

I like that is a very kind story. It is a very pretty story. I like the creatures that come to live with Julia. I would like a mermaid to come live with me. 

I recommend this to kids who are lonely. It shows you can make friends. Also people who need to learn to ask for help because nice things come from that. Kids with silly imaginations will like this too.

Hey readers: what creatures do you want to live with you?