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Bet you didn’t know

Review by Milo

This book is full of random facts about everything.

I liked this book because I am really interested in learning facts. I especially liked the facts about animals and the human body, because I love all types of animals and I am learning about the human body in school right now. The book also has a lot of really cool pictures in it.

Two facts that I thought were really interesting were:

1. One Type of Squid will detach part of its own arms to distract an attacking predator.

2. A whale shark’s mouth is almost as wide as a car. I liked this fact because my grandpa got to snorkel with a whale shark in Hawaii and she showed me the pictures of the shark, it was so big!

I give this book 5 stars. I really like to read the National Geographic books. They have a lot of good facts and cool pictu

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Bet you didn’t know!

Bet you didn’t know! is a heavy hardcover book of facts. It is another book National Geographic Kids asked me to review. It would make a good present for someone who is curious.

I learned that rock candy was used as a medicine. Can we bring that idea back?

Another fact is that butterflies can see in many colors. And that Cleopatra owned a perfume factory. I don’t think that will make it in Mike Maihack’s series. And one more – sometimes scientists think the queens of Maya may have fought in battle.

This is a big thick book of facts. You won’t be carrying it around in your backpack. It would be a good book for a classroom, a library or a super curious kids bedroom.

Hey, National Geographic, i have an idea for you. Can you make a trivia game for kids based on the fact books? Kids could finally beat their parents.