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Night Owl


By Toni Yuly

Night Owl is a board book for a baby. I have a baby cousin coming soon so I read this to see if he would like it.

It is really cute. It is about a baby owl listening for his mommy owl. It is really nice as the baby owl listens to different sounds, like a train. He finally finds his mommy.

I recommend this to people with babies or kids with baby siblings or cousins. I am going to read this to my baby cousin.

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Duck & Goose Colors

Duck  & Goose: Colors  by Tad Hills  is a board book. I love it because I can read it to my 5 year old brother (he is very very very annoying). I like the colors in the pictures. I wish I could be friends with them because they are funny.  I hope you love it when you read it.

Bridget’s book review: 9/10 smileys