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Journey Trilogy


By Aaron Becker

This is a three book review! The books are Journey, Quest and Return. I found Journey in the school library and I loved it. I am happy to have read all three! I found the other two at the Eric Carle Museum. Sadly, I could not stay for the Aaron Becker signing later in the day.


There are no words in these books. So I bet everyone has a different idea of what the books are about. My idea is the girl wants someone to play with. Her sister is busy. Her mom is busy. Her dad is busy.  So she draw a door in her room with her magic crayon. She goes through it and ends up in a forest. Then she finds a dock and draws a boat, so she can ride down the river. She ends up in a castle.

All three books are about her adventures with her magic red crayon and the boy with a purple magic crayon (Spoiler she finds a friend).

I just noticed the book cover for Quest is purple. The cover for Journey is red.  Return is blue. I wonder if this is on purpose and based on their crayon colors.  Maybe the King’s crayon is blue or maybe the Dad’s is…

I recommend these books for kids of all ages. You can tell your own version of the story. What is your idea of this story?


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Miss Colfax’s Light


By Aimee Bissonette

After reviewing North Woods Girl, I was able to get in contact with Aimee Bissonette. She shared with me her newest book, Miss Colfax’s Light. This is based on a true story about a woman taking care of a light house on Lake Michigan. They add another light and she still takes care of it.  You learn a lot about how hard it is to take care of lighthouses.

There are a lot of lighthouses on the Great Lakes. I like to visit them, except when there are stable flies trying to make me food for them. I like to imagine what it would be like to live at a lighthouse. It would be a lot of walking and carrying and probably not a lot of sleep. I need my sleep so probably not a good job for me.

I hope to go visit the area where Miss Colfax’s lighthouse was. It would be really neat to see, even though her light is not the same anymore. The book is a great history book and would be good for kids who are curious about lighthouses and the people who take care of them.

Tomorrow, author Aimee Bissonette shares how she became an author and how she writes.


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It’s the first day of preschool, Chloe Zoe


by Jane Smith

This is book 3 in the Chloe Zoe series. It is about Chloe Zoe going to preschool for the first time.

She is scared but she makes new friends too. The book goes into details about what a day in preschool is like. It would be a good book for a kid who is going to preschool for the first time. The book does a good job of showing the fun parts of preschool, especially art! I love art. I can’t decide if I am going to be an artist or a writer. Maybe I can be both.

The artwork is really cool. It looks like someone sewed it. It is like the quilts my Memere makes me. It is called applique. The book pictures look like applique quilt panels. I think that is really cool.

I recommend this book to new preschoolers. In September, I will review her book about the first day of Kindergarten. Annoying little brother will go to kindergarten this year.

Tomorrow, Jane Smith returns to talk about her life as an author. I like these interviews as I learn a lot about the author and how hard book writing is.

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Written by Marsha Diane Arnold

Pictures by Matthew Cordell

This is a simple book to read because it only has two words come up. The important thing is the story told by the pictures. It is like a no word picture book. It is a simple story but Mom says sometimes we need to remember what really matters.

I like it when the bear gathers all the yarn from this scarf that got torn up and makes one that is really long. It is for everyone.

I recommend this book to people who make scarves or people who lose things and then other people find it until something bad happens. And then they need to make a new better one.

Tomorrow you can learn more about Marsha Diane Arnold, as she is the Meet the Author!


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When a Dragon Moves in

Dragon Hi Res Cover

Author: Jodi Moore

Illustrated by: Howard McWilliam

This is a book I would share with my cousins who love dragons. I am going to send them my copy.   It is a story about a dragon moving into a sand castle that a boy made. The boy gets in trouble because he keeps saying the dragon is doing the naughty things. He is right but his parents can’t see the dragon.  The big mystery is is the dragon real or fake?

I think it is real. At night, I see firey breathe coming out of my playhouse, then I see a head, then wings and then a tail. I have a dragon living in my backyard.  He doesn’t do anything naughty so I don’t get in trouble because of him. I get in trouble all by myself.

I heard there is a second book, but so far, I have not found it at the library (it was checked out) or at the book store (this one was there).

I recommend this book to kids who get in trouble. It would be nice to have someone to get in trouble with…

Come back tomorrow to learn more about author Jodi Moore!

[Bridget Note: Dragon is holding a contest this month to encourage kids to help the environment. You could win copies of both Dragon stories. More info can be found at . It runs through July 31st)