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Night Night Groot

By Brendan Deneen

Illustration by Cale Atkinson

This book is about Baby Groot going to sleep. Rocket is like don’t go to sleep there is a mission to do! These characters are from Guardians of the Galaxy and other Marvel characters make appearances. I won’t tell you who so I don’t ruin the surprise.

This book is funny. I can’t wait to read it to Annoying Little Brother tonight.

Kids and parents who like comic books will think this is great and love, love it. My parents thought it was so funny they bought it! I totally recommend this for anyone who needs a fun bedtime.

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Strawberry Shortcake


Mom says this is a character from her childhood. She says she even had the dolls that smelled like stuff.

I like this because Strawberry Shortcake has a cafe and helps others. It is a friendship story. Each comic adventure is nice and funny. I really like the comic.

One of my favorites was when Strawberry and Sweet & Sour Grape go to a food truck carnival. They served a lot of food and got a trophy for selling the most ice cream sundaes. Yum.

And remember to go to ComiqueCon tomorrow! See you there!

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Meet Nneka Myers

Website/social media:; Twitter: @kiinopia; Instagram: @kinopia

Tell me a little about yourself: I am a character designer and visual development artist working in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Over the past two years, I have worked for numerous clients in the Animation, Comic and Media industry including BOOM, IDW, Dark horse, Nelvana and Facebook.

How long have you been drawing? I have been drawing ever since kindergarten but I didn’t really take it seriously as a career until Grade 11!

How did you get into comics? It was an unexpected opportunity about two years ago – I still consider myself new in the comic industry since I generally do guest strips but my first freelance offer was for Garfield with BOOM and it has been constant ever since! I still feel I have a lot to learn about comics but I am so happy to share my art through this medium.

What is your favorite comic you have worked on? So far my most favourite comic I have worked on has been Gumball! It was the most liberal series I worked on to date in which I had 100% control on the story and art style.

What are some all-ages comics you suggest? Gumball!!! It’s so funny for all ages and the characters are so diverse and enjoyable 🙂

(Bridget note: Look at her work below! You can meet Nneka at ComiqueCon this weekend)

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Disney Princess

Disney Princess #1

Did you know there is a comic book series about the Disney Princesses?  This is one of the comics I have a subscription to.

In each comic, there are multiple adventures by multiple princesses. Some are short and some are long.  The adventures are very fun.  I have a favorite princess in the series. I am not going to tell you till next post.

Just kidding.. in this series, it is Pocahontas. (Yes, I know this is not the correct story for her) I also like Mulan, Tiana and Merida.

This would be a good series for kids who like princesses and want to learn to read. Also just people who like princesses.

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Zita the Spacegirl

By Ben Hatke

Zita is about a girl and her friend who find a machine. Zita clicks a million times and a portal opens up. Something in the portal takes her friend. She clicks in million times more so the portal opens again. She then has a journey in space to find her friend before time runs out.

I like this because it is a space girl. Cleopatra and Interstellar Cinderella would love to meet Zita. I would like to go on an adventure with the three of them in space. I like the artwork. I love Zita, so much this year at ComiqueCon, I am dressing as her. Last year, I was Cleopatra.

I love reading comics because they are brain candy. There is a picture for every part of the story. It makes it easier to understand what is going on.  I think kids should read comics to help them learn to read and enjoy reading.

Now I go beg for the other Zita books in the series. How well behaved do you think I need to be?

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Cleopatra in Space

Author: Mike Maihack


This is a review  for a series called Cleopatra in Space. It is a comic book. The one you see up there is book three. It was just released.

Cleopatra is a girl who gets in the future in space. She is mischievous. Her sidekick is a cat name Khensu. He is very serious.

I like this series because it is funny. I like the stories. I can read them in pieces. I shared it with my grandfather when he is visited. He liked the series too.

I even dress up as Cleopatra. I even entered a cosplay costume as her. I didn’t win but it was my first time.


The fourth book will come out next year.

Bridget’s book review: 13 out of 10 smilies. It gets bonus ones because it is really, really good and I am having a hard time waiting for the next one.