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The Night Before Christmas, Deep Under the Sea

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Written by Kathie Kelleher

Illustrated by Dan Andreasen

This is a funny book because it is Santa and the deep sea. Santa is a walrus (I think) and rides a conch shells pulled by seahorses.  He visits Lobster House on the night before Christmas. All he gives them are sand dollars. There is even a poop deck at the Lobster House.

This is a fun Christmas book because it is different. It is colorful and a little kid would really like it. It is really fun!

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Tallulah’s Nutcracker

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By Marilyn Singer

Illustrated by Alexandra Boiger

I like Tallulah’s Nutcracker because it is a Christmas book and about the Nutcracker ballet. I like Tallulah book series because she is a ballet dancer. Also her little brother is also a ballet dancer. Annoying Little Brother takes class now. I will take them soon (I had a lot going on).

In the book, Tallulah practices for the Nutcracker. She practices very hard. She makes a mistake and she feels very sad. The ballet master and ballerinas each tell her about time they made a mistake. It is okay to make mistakes.

In one picture, Tallulah is in her mouse costume. It has eyes. It is funny.

I recommend this book to kids who like baller.

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Here comes Santa Cat


By Deborah Underwood

Illustrated by Claudia Rueda

This is Annoying Little Brother. Bridget said I could review this book. Mom read Tooth Fairy Cat to my kindergarten class. It was silly. My class wanted to read it again so I gave it to my teacher.  Mom got my class “Here comes Santa Cat.”  I have not shared with my class yet but will share it with you now.

In this book, Cat is worried he won’t get presents from Santa Claus. He has been very naughty. He tried to be nice but gave kids fish as a present. They didn’t want them.


He gets a presents from Santa and shares it with a little kitty cat. Santa makes him a helper. Cat gives Santa a present.

I like Cat books because he is silly. He does silly things. I like how the book has words and silly pictures.

I recommend this book to moms who can read it to their kids. Kindergarteners would also like it.