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Storytime Singalong V 2

Emily Arrow has a new cd coming out April 7th (you can still preorder).  I got to listen to the sneak peek of the cd and I just kept listening. This cd will have the song Be A Friend based on Salina’s book!!

Emily’s music has helped me find lots of good books. I really like it when she turns a book into a song. It helps you look at the book differently.

I recommend her cds to teachers, librarians and parents! I am ordering a bunch for my cousins and friends!

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Meet Emily Arrow


Social media/website:, twitter:helloemilyarrow
Tell me a little about you: I created a genre of music called KidLit Tunes, or songs about my favorite books written for kids! I have a ukulele named Bow and I perform all over the country and create videos and songs while I travel.

How did you start writing songs about books? I was an elementary music teacher and I wanted to start using books in my music classroom. I couldn’t find many musical resources online that went with the books so I decided to create my own!
How do you pick the books you write a song about? I pick the books based on a few things: the illustrations, the titles, and the way the book makes me feel. Sometimes I totally love a book but it’s not right for a storytime. Or sometimes I love the illustrations but the the title is too long for a song. I always know a right match for a song the first time I read it.
Do you have a favorite song you wrote? I love performing the BE A FRIEND Song inspired by the book by Salina Yoon. It’s so funny to watch audience members do “jazz hands!” with me!

Do you have a favorite kid author? One of my favorite authors is Peter H. Reynolds. He creates the most inspiring picture books and every time I read one, I feel brave and creative.
Do you have a recommendation for kids who want to write songs? I would recommend learning an instrument. Ukulele is a great place to start because it’s a bit simpler than guitar and is a fun instrument to write song with.
Is there a book you really want to write a song about? Tons!! I’m working on a song about the book PENGUIN PROBLEMS by Jory John right now and haven’t finished the verses yet. I have a huge list in a notebook of all of the books I want to write songs about. I add more songs every time I go to a bookstore and feel inspired!

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Are we there, Yeti


By Ashlyn Anstee

Tomorrow, Emily Arrow is answering my questions. My favorite song by her is “Are we there, Yeti?”, so here is a review of the book.

Are we there, Yeti? is funny, silly, funny, funny, silly, silly book. It is about kids going on a field trip with a Yeti bus driver. All through the book, the kids ask “Are we there, Yeti?” and other questions my mom says kids ask in the car.  Do you get the Yeti/Yet switch?


I don’t want to share the secret of where they were going, so I really suggest you read this book. It is just silly! I am so glad Emily wrote a song about it so I went to find the book.  That is the best thing about Emily’s music – she introduces me to new books!

I give 10 stars and 99 bonus snowballs!

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The Dot


By Peter H Reynolds

This book is about a girl that didn’t think she could draw. She makes a dot, which means she made her mark. The next day, her teacher has her picture on the wall. It is also very funny at the beginning.

I like the book because it means anyone can make their mark. You should always try something even if you are scared.

Today is International Dot Day. I think it is cool they made a day around this book. The idea is to celebrate being creative and encouraging people to be creative.

My mom taught me how to sew when I was little. I made this Dot Mini Quilt to celebrate International Dot Day. There are lots of dots mixed in it! I plan on making more Dots this month so keep an eye on my instagram account.


And to help you celebrate, don’t forget Emily Arrow’s The Dot song!

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Be a Friend

By Salina Yoon

It has been a while since I reviewed a Salina Yoon book but she is still and will always be my first favorite author. (ps I know she is reading so Love ya, Salina! )

Be a Friend is a different type of book by Salina. It is doesn’t have a penguin or bear or even a duck. It has a boy that is a mime. I think he is a mime to represent kids who are different, like me. It is hard for kids who are different to make friends. I am working really hard to make friends.

I like this book because someone comes along to be friends with Dennis. She likes him just as he is and is willing to be friends with him the way he needs a friend. I want  Joy in my life. I think everyone wants a Joy in their life. Because she will appreciate you just the way you are.

Don’t tell Penguin but this is my favorite Salina Yoon. I hope everyone reads it and all the librarians reading this should add it to their libraries.

Emily Arrow even has a song to go along with a reading. Don’t you just love Emily Arrow? [Bridget note: I am trying very hard to find a way to bring Salina and Emily local to me] [Bridget note 2: Annoying little brother is saving to bring Tim Kubart local.]


(Oops, just realized I called Joy “Emily”.  I must have had Emily Arrow on my mind)