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Ninja Bunny

By Jennifer Gray Olson

Ninja Bunny is a funny book. It is about a bunny who is being a ninja. He tries to do it alone but meets a big giant bear. His friends come and help him. They help him win against the bear.

It is funny. I like the illustrations especially the big giant bear. 

Kids who want to be a ninja would like this.  People who have friends will also like it. This is a friendship story.


This review was a combined effort by Bridget and Annoying Little Brother

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Good Night, Baddies

Baddies cvr

Last week, I shared an interview with Deborah Underwood and today, I am reviewing her newest book Good Night, Baddies.

This story is about all the bad guys from fairy tales going to bed.

The story is funny because they are being nice but they are not supposed to be. The big bad wolf has a stuffed piggy. The troll from billy goat gruff wears bunny slippers. And the giant is scared of princesses!

The rhymes are really fun but can be tricky, so read slowly at first. The illustrations are so good!  They have a lot of little details. For instance, a book has a picture in it.

I recommend this book for kids who like fairy tales.

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A chocolate moose for dinner

Written and Illustrated by Fred Gwynne

This is the book that opened reading for me. I knew how to read but was stuck on the words that two different meaning or sound alike. A teacher recommended this book and it all just clicked.

This story is all about phrases that have different meanings. For example, it says Dad plays the piano by ear and the picture is the dad using ear to press the keys. Haha, it is funny.

I recommend to everyone! After reading this, it becomes a game to find the words that sound alike but mean different things.

It gets 8 smiles because I wish the book was longer.