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Throwback Thursday: Ghosts


I first shared about this book in the fall, but it is a great graphic novel that you should read. In case you missed it the first time, here is my review of Ghosts



By Raina Telgemeier

Ghosts is a graphic novel.  It is really nice. It was a good book to read just before Halloween.

In the book, the two girls meet a ghost. It is a boy ghost. He is not scary. They become friends. The girls had moved to a place where ghosts live and met the boy ghosts. (Bridget note: I have not met a ghost in my new house yet but I have seen weird shadows.)

I liked that this was a graphic novel. I think they are a good way for kids to read. You get a picture for every line.

I would recommend this to everyone. I think you will enjoy it.

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Science Comic: Volcanoes

By Jon Chad

This is just like the Bat comic. People in a frozen future land find about book about volcanoes. She stays up all night reading it and learns how volcanoes work. The others in her group believe she is wrong. They eventually believe her and get warm.

I like that you can learn science facts in a comic form. It is a fun way to learn things.

I recommend this to kids who find it hard to read boring books and kids who are interested in volcanoes. I also recommend this to Guy Raz and the Weird but True gals!

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By Ru Xu

NewsPrints is about a newsie hiding that he is really a girl. She stumbles on to an inventor who is little odd. She becomes his assistant. Then she finds a robot called Crow but she doesn’t realize it is a robot till halfway to the end. The inventor and her go on adventures, get in trouble, end up on the front page of the paper (like me) and usually our girl is the saving the boy inventor.

I liked that the girl saves the boy. Girls don’t always need to be saved and girls need to see that in books. I really like books about adventures so this was a perfect one. I hope there will be another book. My copy was an advanced reader so once again, I got to see the illustration process from finished work to rough drafts. (Bridget note: The first parts are usually finished and the illustrations become more rough draft as the book progresses in these types. I gave my copy to my school so my classmates could see the process)

I recommend this book to people who need an adventure,  people who don’t need to be saved and well, you.


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Graphic novels series I recommend

Today I need a review break so I am going to share a list of graphic novel series I recommend. I have reviewed many of these so they probably won’t be a big surprise

Science Series by First Second Book – you will learn really cool science facts in a comic form

Zita by Ben Hatke – she is just a really cool girl who doesn’t need to be saved. She is going to save you!

Secret Coders by Gene Yuen Lang and Mike Holmes – kids learn about coding with a fun adventure

Cleopatra by Mike Maihack – seriously if you aren’t reading this series after how often I mention it,  I will come read it to you.

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Science Comics: Bats 

By Falynn Koch

This book is interesting because it is about bats. It has a story and teaches you about bats at the same time. There are lots of facts about bats in the book. I think kids would like to learn about bats this way. I did.

I liked the way this book taught me about bats using comic. It didn’t make bats scary. It made them seem really interesting.

I recommend this to science teachers and people who want to know about bats. Also people who think bats are scary.

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Image result for hippopotamister first second

By John Patrick Green

The book is Hippopotamister today. What it is about is a Hippo that wants a job with a Red Panda. They live at a zoo and they leave the zoo the find jobs. They try to find all kinds of jobs like cooking,working in an office, being a bank teller and other not animal jobs. It is funny. They always get kicked out of the job mostly because of Red Panda who is naughty.  They return to the zoo.

I liked that it is about a hippo. I don’t see a lot of books about hippos. The artwork was very good. I liked the cover because it had all the different job hats. It is a spoiler without you knowing it.

Kids would find this very funny, especially when Red Panda does something in the kitchen. Not anything bad but they get kicked out…. and the kitchen closes (oops).  I recommend this to people who are having a bad day at work.

(Bridget note: I may be offline a bit. My house and school lost power on Wednesday and they say we won’t have it back till late this weekend. )

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Bera the One-Headed Troll

Image result for bera the one headed troll

by Eric Orchard

Bera the One-Headed Troll (Bridget note: do trolls usually have more than one head?) is about a troll named Bera. She finds a human baby and needs to protect it from the other trolls. She is trying to get it back to our world and its parents. The story is about her adventures in doing that.  To protect the baby from those who want it harmed, she ends up taking care of it.

The artwork is nice. It isn’t as colorful as other books but the style is cool. I like the story because it shows her taking care of someone. It is about caring for those who can’t take care of themselves.

Parents would like this book so would kids who like to care for others. Kids who like fantasy will also like this.