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Throwback Thursday: Ghosts


I first shared about this book in the fall, but it is a great graphic novel that you should read. In case you missed it the first time, here is my review of Ghosts



By Raina Telgemeier

Ghosts is a graphic novel.  It is really nice. It was a good book to read just before Halloween.

In the book, the two girls meet a ghost. It is a boy ghost. He is not scary. They become friends. The girls had moved to a place where ghosts live and met the boy ghosts. (Bridget note: I have not met a ghost in my new house yet but I have seen weird shadows.)

I liked that this was a graphic novel. I think they are a good way for kids to read. You get a picture for every line.

I would recommend this to everyone. I think you will enjoy it.

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By Ru Xu

NewsPrints is about a newsie hiding that he is really a girl. She stumbles on to an inventor who is little odd. She becomes his assistant. Then she finds a robot called Crow but she doesn’t realize it is a robot till halfway to the end. The inventor and her go on adventures, get in trouble, end up on the front page of the paper (like me) and usually our girl is the saving the boy inventor.

I liked that the girl saves the boy. Girls don’t always need to be saved and girls need to see that in books. I really like books about adventures so this was a perfect one. I hope there will be another book. My copy was an advanced reader so once again, I got to see the illustration process from finished work to rough drafts. (Bridget note: The first parts are usually finished and the illustrations become more rough draft as the book progresses in these types. I gave my copy to my school so my classmates could see the process)

I recommend this book to people who need an adventure,  people who don’t need to be saved and well, you.


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Image result for hippopotamister first second

By John Patrick Green

The book is Hippopotamister today. What it is about is a Hippo that wants a job with a Red Panda. They live at a zoo and they leave the zoo the find jobs. They try to find all kinds of jobs like cooking,working in an office, being a bank teller and other not animal jobs. It is funny. They always get kicked out of the job mostly because of Red Panda who is naughty.  They return to the zoo.

I liked that it is about a hippo. I don’t see a lot of books about hippos. The artwork was very good. I liked the cover because it had all the different job hats. It is a spoiler without you knowing it.

Kids would find this very funny, especially when Red Panda does something in the kitchen. Not anything bad but they get kicked out…. and the kitchen closes (oops).  I recommend this to people who are having a bad day at work.

(Bridget note: I may be offline a bit. My house and school lost power on Wednesday and they say we won’t have it back till late this weekend. )

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Bera the One-Headed Troll

Image result for bera the one headed troll

by Eric Orchard

Bera the One-Headed Troll (Bridget note: do trolls usually have more than one head?) is about a troll named Bera. She finds a human baby and needs to protect it from the other trolls. She is trying to get it back to our world and its parents. The story is about her adventures in doing that.  To protect the baby from those who want it harmed, she ends up taking care of it.

The artwork is nice. It isn’t as colorful as other books but the style is cool. I like the story because it shows her taking care of someone. It is about caring for those who can’t take care of themselves.

Parents would like this book so would kids who like to care for others. Kids who like fantasy will also like this.


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Third Grade Mermaid

Image result for peter raymundo

By Peter Raymundo

This book is about a mermaid that wants to be on a swim team, but her grades are too low. She has to get an A on the next spelling test to join the team. The story is about her doing stuff with her friends. It doesn’t help her with her spelling test. This book is probably about time management and why parents constantly remind kids to do their homework before playing. She does get an “A” on her test but she lets another kid join the team.

I liked that the story was about a mermaid.  My copy was an advanced reader so not all the illustrations were done.  I liked what I was seeing with the illustrations but it is really cool to see the unfinished versions too. I need to find a finished copy so I can compare the books.

Parents will like this book because it gets kids to manage their time better. Kids will like this because it has a mermaid, friendship and fun activities.


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Bad Guys

Image result for bad guys aaron blabey

Written and illustrated Aaron Blabey

This book is a funny book about a wolf, shark, piranha and snake. The gang of bad want to do good,  well the wolf does. It does not really tell you what the other bad guys think I’m just going to go with  they don’t agree.  I don’t know.

The wolf has the others do good things. They think they are good guys but at the end they are still kind of bad guys. There more books to this series so maybe they turn out to be good guys.

I like the mix of characters. Each chapter has a rap sheet for a bad guy and it tells you about them. The rap sheets are funny, silly and dumb.

I recommend to kids to who liked the book The true story of the three pigs or kids who like the villains in stories.



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Chi’s Sweet Home (book series)

Book review by Romy
The books are about a cat named Chi who gets separated from her mom and another family adopts her. She nearly gets separated from them twice but she stays with them and ends up moving to France. Along the way, Chi meets two other cats. Their names are Coackchi and Blackie. Chi is happy, feisty, and funny. I think the books are funny, happy, and sad. They are graphic novels and are originally from Japan. I really like the pictures. They are cute and colorful. I first found out about these books from my public library.
It is a very good series. I like it so much because I love cats. I give Chi a 10 out of 10 plus 10 bonus points!
Bridget note: Romy also shared her own Chi novel mock up and the membership cards for her club.  I love graphic novels so will be reading this series!