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Books to help you be an astronaut

I don’t have a librarian interview today so instead I am going to share three books to help you prepare to be an astronaut.

I just visited the Kennedy Space Center. Still not sure if I want to be an astronaut (or humannaire per Mike Mongo) but it is very cool place to visit. Definitely recommend it. Little Brother even got to meet Astronaut Fred Gregory.

Now on to the books…

First, The Astronaut Instruction Manual by Mike Mongo. This book is filled with practical things to help you be an astronaut. I also think it can help you just be a better person. I can see using some of the skills to help manage my ADHD. Definitely think any kid, third grade and up, should have this book. (PS. I think it has 3D images in it. The printing looks that way)

Next I recommend Astronaut/Aquanauts by Jennifer Swanson. National Geographic Kids sent me this book to review just before my trip. I think it is interesting the ways being underwater is like being in space. It was interesting learning space and deep water are similar. So you could study underwater to prepare for space. Or if you don’t feel like being shot into space, being an aquanaut could be your job.

The final book I am recommending is Dr. E’s Super Stellar Solar System by Bethany Ehlmann and Jennifer Swanson. This book is full of facts about space. Did you know there was weather in space? There is a moon that has geyser? Or that Pluto has a north pole? There are so many cool things to learn about space.

So with these three books a kid can get a head start on being an astronaut if they want to.

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Bet you didn’t know

Review by Milo

This book is full of random facts about everything.

I liked this book because I am really interested in learning facts. I especially liked the facts about animals and the human body, because I love all types of animals and I am learning about the human body in school right now. The book also has a lot of really cool pictures in it.

Two facts that I thought were really interesting were:

1. One Type of Squid will detach part of its own arms to distract an attacking predator.

2. A whale shark’s mouth is almost as wide as a car. I liked this fact because my grandpa got to snorkel with a whale shark in Hawaii and she showed me the pictures of the shark, it was so big!

I give this book 5 stars. I really like to read the National Geographic books. They have a lot of good facts and cool pictu

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1000 Facts about the White House

This is a National Geographic Kids book about the White House. It is full of facts about what the inside is like. There are a lot of interesting things in the White House. There is even a page about the rules of White House, like no flip flops! There is a lot of unique things about the White House.

I found this book to be very interesting. I didn’t expect to learn so much about the White House. There is a lot more to it than I thought. I just thought it was a House! I bet I could win a trivia game about the White House.

I recommend this to book to people who are curious about the White House and history. This would be a good book in a school library.

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Weird but True: Christmas

Today’s reviewer is Milo who is the host of the podcast, This American Kid. He interviews cool people about what they do. He is trying to fund a second season so the link is for in fundraiser but it will help you find his podcast too. Now to his review…

Review by Milo

This book is all about weird, but true Christmas facts. It shares Christmas traditions from all around the world. I liked this book because I was able to learn about the all the different ways that kids celebrate Christmas. I really like to learn about different countries. There are lots of cool pictures, too!

Two facts I really liked were: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was almost named Reginald and three brothers in Minnesota sculpted a giant sea turtle made of snow that was almost as tall as their house. The picture is really cool.

I give this book 4 stars, I would recommend it to any one who loves Christmas and loves to learn about different cultures. There were a few facts that were a little scary that I didn’t like those, like in Iceland kids fear the Yule Cat, a mythical monster who eats children at Christmastime.

Ps: there is also a book trailer –

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The World of the Bible

I am studying for my Reconciliation and First Communion so this book was very interesting. It covers the actual places mentioned in the Bible. It helps you understand the stories better.

For instance, when you hear the story of the Tower of Babel, what do you think? The book explains what it actually looked like. It was a lot bigger than I thought.

There is a map that helps you understand where the stories took place. A glossary for some of the new words and even a character cheat sheet.

Whether you are a Bible reader, this is interesting from a history point. It helps you understand the stories better.

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Hey Baby

Hey Baby is a National Geographic Book about animals babies. They share information about the babies plus share stories and poems about animal babies. The pictures are so cute…

Don’t you want to snuggle this guy….

Or this one with such a fun name

I would share all the pictures but instead you should just get the book. This would be a good present to give your mom to remind her of when you were super cute and not arguing with your brother.

I love this book. I was going to share it with my baby cousin and her parents but I am keeping it until she won’t rip pages. (PS hope you enjoy Salina Yoon board books)

I recommend this book to people who likes babies, animals, baby animals, nature photography and poems.

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History’s Mysteries

This is another National Geographic Kids book you should consider as a present. Maybe for kids who are scared of things, but for the creep lovers, yes!

This book is similar to Don’t read this before bed. It is stories of real things that have happened in the world. For example, the dancing plague, which had everyone dancing and then dying. I also learned about Antikythera Mechanism.

This is an interesting book for odd things that have happened. A lot seem creepy but there is a good explanation. I am going to give this book to my school library so other classmates can learn from it too.