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National Geographic Kids sent my sister this book. I took it. I like dinosaurs. This is a big book on dinosaurs. It breaks them up by their families. Each page has facts on a dinosaurs. It has an illustration of what they think it look like. They are very different than what I thought. It shows you how a big a dinosaur was compared to an adult.

I like that it is talking about dinosaurs. It shows fossils and how they are made.

This would be a good present for a kid who likes dinosaurs. Teachers should have this. Not for little kids or babies but big kids like first grade and older.

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Bet you didn’t know!

Bet you didn’t know! is a heavy hardcover book of facts. It is another book National Geographic Kids asked me to review. It would make a good present for someone who is curious.

I learned that rock candy was used as a medicine. Can we bring that idea back?

Another fact is that butterflies can see in many colors. And that Cleopatra owned a perfume factory. I don’t think that will make it in Mike Maihack’s series. And one more – sometimes scientists think the queens of Maya may have fought in battle.

This is a big thick book of facts. You won’t be carrying it around in your backpack. It would be a good book for a classroom, a library or a super curious kids bedroom.

Hey, National Geographic, i have an idea for you. Can you make a trivia game for kids based on the fact books? Kids could finally beat their parents.

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Just Joking Jumbo

It’s Wednesday. Want a joke to save the day?

What blows up on you when you don’t clean your room?

An atomic Mom (Bridget note: wait, that is true)

This book is full of jokes, 1000 to be exact plus 1000 silly pictures. I loved this book. There are so many funny jokes. It has made my day a lot more fun and I think you would love this book.

National Geographic Kids has asked me to review a bunch of books for their potential as a present. This is first book I am sharing with you. I definitely think a kid or an adult would enjoy this book. The jokes are funny. There are a lot of them. And you learn something along the way with silly facts mixed into the pages.

Now I am off to crack silly jokes until it is bus time.

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Don’t read this book before bed

By Anna Claybourne

(This is a National Geographic Kids book. They do send these to me to review. Just want to honest)

Now don’t read this book before bed if you plan to sleep. I guess if you don’t plan to sleep this book would be fine. It is about all kinds of different scary things, like mummies, haunted houses, the cutest blob fish in history, missing people, creepy sinkholes, Nessie and hauntingly true stories. Each story has a fright meter. I prefer the not so frightful stories.

I don’t know why but I like this book. It is creepy, like mega creepy but I learned creepy things. We all know I like to learn stuff but not creepy creepy stuff. I may have skipped those stories – sorry not sorry.

I would not recommend this to people who are easily scared or have nightmares. I don’t think GrandMary wants to read this but I bet my Dad would love it. Mom read some with me when I got to scared – we had all the lights on.

BOO 👻👻

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Ultimate Space Atlas

Let’s go to space by rocketing through this atlas. This book shares facts, games and maps about space. One chapter is about the galaxies. One is called the Milky Way – that is a funny name.

I liked that this book was all about space. I am just getting into space so it was super cool. I haven’t done all the activities but the ones I have done are fun.

I think people who want to learn about space. People who just want to do activities would like it. I think grownups will like this book too. Probably Mark Hamill from Star Wars would like this.

And just for fun, I suggest you check Bad Lip Reads Star Wars songs. This one talks about galaxies

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What would happen?

By Crispin Boyer

Have you noticed yet that I really like National Geographic Kids books? They do send me books to review but I really like them. If you have kids and see a National Geographic Kids books, you should just get it. It will be good.

What would Happen? is a book with “serious answers for silly questions.” For instance, what would happen if the world stopped moving? The serious answer is you would fly off Earth.

I liked that I learned facts in a funny way. It is like when I listen to Wow in the World with Guy and Mindy (psst Guy, you need this book for Mindy). Teachers should have this book for the kid who asks a million questions like Little Brother.

I also recommend this to my friends who are homeschooled.

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By Brady Barr

Chomp is a book about animals, their bite force and their menus. These are the animals you don’t want to meet in the wild when they are hungry. They describe each animals bite force, which is the amount of pressure an animal applies when it bites down. An adult human has a bite force of 200 pounds.

My favorite was an alligator snapping turtle nicknamed slicer. It looks like a dinosaur and has really sharp teeth.

Kids who are into science and learning stuff would like this book. Schools should have this book. It is easy to read and understand. They make each animal interesting.

I think it would be cool to meet Brady Barr one day. He has a cool job