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Raising Readers: 5 Stories from MaineĀ 

This is a multi author book that kids in Maine get when they are five. My great-grandmother found a copy for us. The authors are Toni Buzzeo, Scott Nash, Laura Rankin, Chris Van Dusen and Robert McCloskey.

Annoying Little Brother’s favorite story is Chris Van Dusen’s If I built a car. It is a boy sharing what his future car would look like. Mom  and Dad work at car companies and says the book is funny. He is going to review it below 

I like Fluffy and Baron by Laura Rankin. It is a story about a dog and a duckling becoming friends.
I think it is nice that kids can get books for free as they grow up.


If I built a Car

By Chris Van Dusen

This book is about making a car with different pieces. The boy wants to put a pool, a driving robot that built right into the back of the seat. The car serves food and flies and goes underwater. It’s engine smoke smells nice like fresh-baked blueberry muffins. Yum!

I think this book is good. I like all the ideas for the new car. It makes me want to design a new car. Mine will have a gar fish design. I like gar fish. 

I think Moms should read this to kids. I want my mom to read it to my class soon.

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Eric Carle Museum


I had the chance to visit the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, MA. It was great, but I wish it bigger.

They had an exhibit of Eric Carle hidden pictures, another for the artwork of Beverly Cleary books by Louis Darling and a third of the works by Robert McCloskey.

I really like Beverly Cleary and have read Mouse and the Motorcycle and Ramona the Pest. My mom loves Robert McCloskey because my mom is from Maine. His stories were often based in Maine.

Aaron Becker was scheduled to sign books later in the day but I couldn’t stay that long. I did get all three of his books. I like them.

The museum is along the drive between my house and my grandparents so I can go again.