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Be a Friend

By Salina Yoon

It has been a while since I reviewed a Salina Yoon book but she is still and will always be my first favorite author. (ps I know she is reading so Love ya, Salina! )

Be a Friend is a different type of book by Salina. It is doesn’t have a penguin or bear or even a duck. It has a boy that is a mime. I think he is a mime to represent kids who are different, like me. It is hard for kids who are different to make friends. I am working really hard to make friends.

I like this book because someone comes along to be friends with Dennis. She likes him just as he is and is willing to be friends with him the way he needs a friend. I want  Joy in my life. I think everyone wants a Joy in their life. Because she will appreciate you just the way you are.

Don’t tell Penguin but this is my favorite Salina Yoon. I hope everyone reads it and all the librarians reading this should add it to their libraries.

Emily Arrow even has a song to go along with a reading. Don’t you just love Emily Arrow? [Bridget note: I am trying very hard to find a way to bring Salina and Emily local to me] [Bridget note 2: Annoying little brother is saving to bring Tim Kubart local.]


(Oops, just realized I called Joy “Emily”.  I must have had Emily Arrow on my mind)

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Bear’s Big Day


By Salina Yoon

Bear’s Big Day is really nice. It’s about Bear going to school for the first time. His mama gave him a Big Bear Bag. It was so cool the lunchbox had Penguin on it! And Penguin was saying “Cool.

I would suggest this book for kids like my brother who will go to kindergarten in the fall. It will help them get settled.

Bridget’s Book Review: 15 smileys

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Salina Yoon


In the fall, I met Salina Yoon. We have been friends for many years online but this was in real life. She read my favorite Penguin book and the newest one at the time.

Salina is really nice. She even sent my class penguin stuff for our reading month!

And right now, you can get Salina’s books and stuffed animals at Kohls. Mom says this is the last month so you should hurry.


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Penguin and Pinecone

The first book I am reviewing is “Penguin and Pinecone: a friendship story” by Salina Yoon. (You will see a lot of Salina’s books reviewed here so get to know her)

This book is so amazing. It is so lovely. It is about a penguin named Penguin who finds a pinecone in the cold. He tries to see what it is but it doesn’t work because the pinecone is from the forest and Penguin is from the Antarctic. They become friends and Penguin eventually takes Pinecone home.

My favorite part is Pinecone grows into a big tree but still has his scarf from Penguin.

This is the first book in the Penguin series.

Bridget’s book review: I give it ten smileys out of ten smileys.



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My name is Bridget and I am a girl likes to read. I am in elementary school and will be in second grade.

Reading is so fun. My all-time favorite author is Salina Yoon! She writes the Penguin series and Bear books.  The newest author I am enjoying Kelly Light and her Louise series.  On this site, I will share my review of the books I read.

I also like art, crafting and sewing. I can’t decide if I will be an author, an illustrator, a librarian or a penguinologist.

I have a little brother who I call “Annoying Little Brother”. He loves Tim Kubart, pirates, trains, cars, planes, construction equipment and dance.  Sometimes, I will let him do a review.

Happy read-in!



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