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Weird but True 365 Planner

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When I was offered the chance to review this planner, I was excited. My school gives us one for school work, so I plan to use this to track a new fact I learn each day or something really cool that happened.

For example, earlier this week, I learned the work "syzygy" on the Absolutely Mindy show.  It means three items in a row. An example is the eclipse.

Looking at the planner, it is not set for a year so you can use it whenever. It starts with August 1st.  There are facts on the pages which makes it cool. At the back are facts to help with homework!

I think kids will like this planner. Heck, I think some grownups will too.

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Weird but True Know it All: US Presidents

by Brianna Dumont

Have you always wondered what the US presidents were like? I have just the book for you. This book tells you weird facts that are true about each president.

One thing I found out is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight D Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush were cheerleaders. John F. Kennedy changed a restaurant sign from “No Dogs” to “No Hot Dogs”. If you want to find out more about the presidents check this book out.

Everyone who wants to learn more about the presidents will find this book very funny and you won’t want to put the book down.

This book gets a million stars.

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Weird but true

National Geographic Kids has a book series called Weird but True. I think I found out about it from listening to Guy Raz or maybe it was Absolutely Mindy or maybe it was them together.

These books are full of facts. Weird ones but true ones. I even have one about medieval time. It is not my favorite so I plan to give it to a friend who likes that time.



These are really funny and it is helpful to have weird facts to surprise people with. I know things my parents don’t know now.

The grossest fact I found is “A piece of cake from Queen Victoria’s wedding has been preserved in England for 174 years.”  GROSS! YUCK! Tooooo diiiiisgusting!   BLECH

Another fact that is one of the weirdest is “Komodo dragons often vomit when threatened.” Haha, my mom just said that was another gross one. She asked if I have any nice facts.

How about “Some dogs are allergic to cats”?  Oh wait, I will just do one more… At a store in Japan, you can have a replica of your face made in chocolate.

These books are for everyone, not just kids. And now, I am going back to reading!