No Voice Too Small

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Edited by Lindsay H. Metcalf, Keila V. Dawson and Jeannette Bradley

Illustrated by Jeannette Bradley

Book Source: DRC provided for review purposes

Book Status: available on September 22, 2020

Book Trailer:

So, when Keila, who I love, asked me to review this book, I said “Heck yeah!” I have recently lost some followers for posting about being active in protest. My reaction- I am going to keep doing it! Kid voices need to be heard too. We should not be expected to be silent.

1. This book is a book of poems about kids being activists and protesting for what’s right. They’re doing things from getting clean water to rapping about bullying and how it should stop. They’re also doing things from trying to get more books for kids in their community.

2. Each poem is written by a different person and in a different poetry style. You hear different voices! It is a cool way to share about the kids.

3. There are some kids I already knew about but there were many I had not heard about. It was nice to see a wide range of kids. Sometimes it feels like grownups only promote the same kids but there are so many kids being active. No one kid speaks for all. It is why I also try to promote as many kid reviewers as I can find. I am only one kid who loves to read but mine should not be the only kid reviewer voice.

4. The illustrations were a style I have not really noticed in books before. It felt abstract, but realistic. I really liked it and felt it added to the poetry.

5. This book inspires me to write more poetry. It is a creative way to share your message.

It is:

AWESOME activism

AMAZING activism

ANGRY activism

ARTICLE activism

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