A Girl’s Bill of Rights

  • 2 min read

By Amy B. Mucha

Illustrated by Addy Rivera Sonda

Book Source: DRC provided for review

Book Status: Available February 2, 2021

Over the past few weeks, we have heard a lot about people’s rights and how they interpret the rules of the land. I think some people need to retake a class on the US Constitution. Not all rights are written down on paper. They are things that are just there and our rights as people, as kids, as girls and as boys.

This book is about the unwritten rights we all have to be the person that we want to be. People may say you have to dress a certain way or do a certain an activity or say yes to everything, but you don’t. Girls don’t have to wear pink, dress or even long hair. I have super short hair and I am much happier!

I have lost followers for being vocal about what’s been going on. But even as a kid, I have the right to use my voice. You may always agree with me. I may not agree with you. But if we don’t express ourselves, we have way to learn a different point of view and change our own. Or change theirs.

This book is not just for girls. It probably should have been the Kid’s Bill of Rights because everything in it is true for all kids. The illustrations are very inclusive and beautifully show the diversity of our world. No one is the right look or the wrong look. We all are different and that is great. We all have something amazing to share with the world. I think the illustrations show that simply through their inclusivity.

This would be a fantastic book for the first day of school no matter what day it is. It would be good to revisit when yourself or your students needed a reminder of their and each other’s value. It will raise their awareness and confidence in themselves.

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