Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna

  • 2 min read

By Alda P. Dobbs
Book status: available September 2021

Book source: provided in exchange for review

Whoops! Sorry for disappearing but that may happen for a bit. I am just trying to figure out this tween life.

Today’s book was provided by the author and is based on her grandmother’s experience during the Mexican Revolution. It took me a little bit to get into it but that may have been me, not the book. Once I did get into it, I found it a quick read.

This book definitely fits within the genre of coming of age in the middle of a major upheaval. (I can’t wait to read the COVID coming of ages because this is hard) I did learn about the Mexican Revolution, which I didn’t know anything about. The main character surprised me a few times with her decisions. I was convinced the story was going one way and then it made a massive change. Because of the genre, you know where the story is headed but not the path it will take. The journey was the interesting part.

I would recommend this to kids who like the coming of age stories or are curious about the Mexican Revolution.

Come back tomorrow for my interview with the author!

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